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Redneck Review
No. 78 10/17/2016
Another wave of disastrous "climate change" articles has bombarded the daily reader of daily presses like the Lewiston Tribune, and as such have become an important issue in the ongoing battle for the presidency between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
Headline articles like the one which appeared in the June 18th Tribune, "Another summer inferno ahead?", and another front page article in the Tribune Oct. 11 stating "Forest fires flourishing from human-caused climate change," followed immediately the next day, Oct 12, again a front page article announcing "Clinton, Gore and global warming" all paint a very different picture of the attitude of the two president candidates on the issue.
In the Oct. 12 article, Al Gore, campaigning for Clinton, argues that "electing her opponent would lead to climate catastrophe," His statement continues, "The choice in this election is extremely clear. Hillary Clinton will make solving the climate crisis a top national priority." Later on in the same article Clinton said, "We cannot risk putting a climate denier in the White House." Towards the end of the same article Clinton is quoted again, July 15, 2015, saying she "wanted to raise fees and taxes on fuel extraction operating on public lands." Somewhat amazing is the statement in the middle of the same article, that "The world is on pace for the hottest year on record...about 1.8 degrees warmer than a century ago." Yikes! 1.8 degrees higher? That indeed scares me to death!
The June 18th paper states in another article on the same page as the "inferno article," that "Temperatures are predicted to hit 118 degrees in Phoenix...and peak at 119 degrees Sunday and Monday! Such heat is 'rare, dangerous and deadly' according to a National Weather Service warning." But just two paragraphs later is found "The hottest day on record in Phoenix occurred June 26, 1990, when the thermometer reached 122 degrees." What? You mean the hottest day on record there is not this year, but 26 years ago? Confusing!!
Why not add a quotation from the Oct. 11 front page article. "Human-caused climate change has dramatically increased the scope of wildfires over the past three decades by increasing the degree to which Western forests dry during summer months." Later on, Climatologists at Columbia U. "found that spring and summer temperatures have increased by 2 to 2.5  degrees since 1950." Really? Can it be that a 2.5 temperature rise can be that significant?!
It will be admitted here immediately that old men like me are very skeptical of the above information. Why? In my own case for several reasons! First, as discussed at great length in Reviews 37,38, and 39, a Google search produces long term graphs of warming and cooling periods dating back hundreds of years, showing periods as hot as ours back in the period around 1100 B.C, followed by so-called "Ice ages" as recently as the mid 1950's.
Second, the "Petition Project" which asked the U.S. government to reject the 1997 Kyoto, Japan agreement as flawed, containing "no convincing evidence" that greenhouse gases are causing atmospheric heating! This objection was signed by only 31,072 scientists, many of whom were PHD's! And do not forget John Casey's book DARK WINTER, in which he argues convincingly that we are at the beginning of a cooling period which will begin between now and 2020, and will reach a numbing cold bottom about 2030, reviewed at length in #61.
Let me add! If a starving person sees an apple growing naturally on a tree, would it not make sense, to reach up and eat it? Why then, if a person is cold and freezing, not use the natural heating sources of coal, gas and oil found abundantly in our earth? Why not? Hillary??
Jake Wren

Letter to the Editor
My vote for Sheriff will go to Sheriff Giddings. He is working for all Idaho County residents to keep our county a safe place to reside. Sheriff Giddings is truly a Constitutional Sheriff. Vote November 8.
Shorty Arnzen

Supports HJR5
Iím writing in support of HJR5, a constitutional amendment on the ballot this November that will protect Idaho families, farms and other businesses from excessive government regulations.
Voting YES on HJR5 ensures that your elected representatives will continue to have authority to review rules (regulations) that are proposed by unelected employees of state agencies such as the Idaho Tax Commission or the Department of Environmental Quality.
Once adopted, these agency rules are just like laws which each of us must obey, or face fines or possibly imprisonment.
HJR5 ensures that your elected representatives review and approve or reject all rules prior to their enforcement.
HJR5 ensures an activist court cannot take away this important protection in the future, as has happened in some other states.
HJR5 ensures Idaho agencies do not become like the EPA, IRS, Forest Service or BLM, which enact and enforce rules with no oversight from Congress.
HJR5 does not grant any new or additional powers to the Legislature. It simply ensures that the current practice will continue.
Voting YES will protect Idaho families and businesses from excessive regulations into the future.
Please join your friends in the Idaho County Farm Bureau in voting YES on HJR5.
Mike Frei
Idaho County Farm Bureau President

Dear Editor:
Election time once again brings out all kinds of candidates, from the president on down, and all of us who have paid any attention, know that it has come down to a couple not-so-popular with everyone, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump!
Personally, I will be voting for Donald not so much because of my tremendous zeal for him, but more so, because hours of research on my part on Hillary and Bill, going clear back to the 1990's, convinces me that Hillary as president would be a total disaster for our country and our freedom, our right to bear arms, more government regulation, a federal government controlled health system, all-out abortion, and others!
One the state and local scene, my choice has to be with the Republicans, primarily because of the Democratic platform which contains several of the items mentioned above, plus the biggie in my mind, the abortion stand! Bluntly speaking, I cannot condone the brutal killing of the most innocent of all human beings, the unborn child, just because of convenience or whatever.
Closer to home, the papers recently have been jammed with ads pushing independent sheriff candidate, Carlos Martinez. Now I know nothing about Mr. Martinez, but will not be voting for him for two reasons. One, as an independent, I have not heard him speaking about any real problems with the department, but two, I am very satisfied with the job our current sheriff Doug Giddings has been doing. I have been around Sheriff Giddings at large meetings and small, and in every case I have found him well liked and respected by the people in attendance. He is friendly, courteous, but above all, is a Constitutional sheriff who we can count on to defend our basic rights here in our county. So I see no reason for a change, will vote for him, and urge others to do the same!!
Patrick J.(Jake) Wren


Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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