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Redneck Review
No. 911/16/2017
Its recap time! The last two reviews have dealt with events of the past which could have a positive impact on the problems which are frequently observed in the news today!
One suggestion dealt with the sing out performances of groups entitled "Up with People" started originally in the mid 1900's by a "Moral Re-Armament" movement. For a time, the group operated a college in Michigan called Mackinac College. The school lasted only four years, from 1966 to 1970, but before and after that interval, the sing out groups became famous all over the world for their wholesome and patriotic themes. During the mid 1970's, the groups regularly performed at halftime at major bowl games.
One group came to Idaho and locally here in Cottonwood in the late 1960's, and a couple of local students attended the college for a period of time. Another student performed with a related group by the same name in Spokane. Different groups have formed and continue to sing under the same name with old albums and new ones available from some sources.
Why mention this group? Obvious, when the enthusiastic music and wholesome and very patriotic lyrics are compared to much of the hippy culture music which originated about the same time. That music was investigated at length by author Noebel in his 1966 book by the title "Rhythm, Riots, and Revolution." Author Noebel builds a powerful argument in that book that the music and lyrics stemming from that hippy culture were deliberately designed to attack and destroy the very fabric of America. The book is still available on Amazon and other internet sources, and a knowledge of that book and a reawakening of the type and kind of music provided by the Up With People groups would be a big plus for our country today!
And oh, yes! A return to the notion of "color blind" in our courts, in our politics, and in our every day dealings with one another would instantly cure many of the problems facing us today. And the logic behind it is impeccable! We are all creatures of the same God and His historical son Jesus, who died a most painful death on a cross for one and all.
Which forces all of us at some time to make a choice today! Every living individual around the world and in this country is faced with three movements struggling to control the world.
The first of course is our own brand of Christianity which traces back to the historical Christ. History tells us that the original colonies with rare exception practiced some form of this belief, with a stress on the importance of life and each individual, and calling for mutual respect and love for one and all. Respect for property and responsibility for one's actions were part of the belief system, and the record shows that our country has flourished like no other ever since.
The second force is atheism, which historically only appeared in a national way in Russia in1917. Space does not allow a lengthy expose of this philosophy, but history records the millions of individuals who have perished because of their failure to adapt to its demanding dictatorship. All human worth and dignity is gone, and people become mere animals under the control of a dictatorial ruling class!
Finally of course is radical Islam, today familiar to all by the name ISIS. Gone is all freedom of choice. Required of all is a demanding allegiance to one belief and one way of acting!
Again, the penalty for non compliance is death or serious penalty. No freedom here either!
Does a thinking person really have any choice? Is it not simply freedom or brute force?
Jake Wren

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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