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Redneck Review!
No. 130 - 10/16/17
Well, Friday the 13th has come and gone, and at least in this area, no major disaster has hit us!  Several different reactions to this comment can be heard from different people! For some, the recent devastation from hurricanes and fires might well be considered heaven sent for the increasing number of people straying from the basic biblical and Christian beliefs that are associated with the dramatic rise of our country over the last few hundred years. There are those who will argue that the U.S. is not a Christian country, but here it is claimed that they argue in vain, for a careful study of original letters and memoirs of our early ancestors clearly paint a picture of God fearing, hard working people who made up the bulk of the earliest settlers in this country.
And anyone who does even a minimal research knows that our nation is straying away from those basic beliefs, with a declining number of individuals who profess a Christian religion, and an increasing number who are very secular and believe that a God above has very little to do with our daily lives, or even more so, have joined the ranks of the atheists who simply claim there is no God in heaven at all, denying a basic belief of most of our founding fathers!
Regular Bible readers will tell you that over and over again, the mighty father God, Yahweh, would intervene directly in the lives of His people, favoring them incredibly when they were faithful to His Covenant: "Do good and obey Me and you will prosper, but ignore my laws, and suffer the consequences!"  Read Moses' final sermon to his people as they were on the
verge of entering the Promised Land, found for those readers who are  interested in the last few chapters of Deuteronomy!  Read them and you will see what is claimed here!
Then there are at course, a significant number of individuals who claim that our government or possibly foreign governments are controlling and using hurricanes and the weather to bring about a "One World" government over all nations and all people on earth!  Could be true, who knows?  An interesting theory, but no convincing proof have I been able to find!
And of course, we all have heard from those who tell us that predictions of coming disaster have been past along from parents to children, from the old to the young, from residents of heaven to select people on earth... repeatedly down through history with no predicted disaster coming later! So I guess the bottom line is, who really knows?  Even our Lord is claimed to have said that "Only the Father knows when future events will occur!"
But certain arguments discussed here recently can be very convincing!  In prior reviews we have discussed the reasoning of Bastiat who claimed that governments taking by force from producers and owners then given away to others is LEGAL PLUNDER, and that nations which use these  methods to stay in power will eventually go bankrupt and collapse! He saw traces of this in our early government, and warned us of the predictable consequences!
What about professor Alexander Tyler who argued that democracies have a life expectancy of around 250 years before they go bankrupt by giving from their treasury all kinds of benefits demanded by the voting public? Is our growing national debt not evidence that this is true?
And for those readers of these reviews from a couple of years ago, what about the argument of Daniel Boone who claimed that the money given away in "charity"  by governments is "Not Yours to Give" and is not charity at all? Therefore national government expenditures should normally be limited to keeping peace inside a country and defending it from outside threats?
Jake Wren

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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