Summit students learn about owls
The first and second grade class at Summit Academy learned a scientific way to find some answers about an exciting bird of prey, the Owl. 
The students are learning how science deals with things that we can see, taste, touch, smell, or hear by using our five senses. They read (researched) books about owls, watched many short videos of owls in their nests, hunting, and taking care of their babies. They learned how to think a problem out, ask questions, perform experiments and observe.  Learning how to reach a scientific conclusion by doing scientific experimentation is a fun way to learn.  
The dissection was a valuable learning experience for the class, as they discovered owl pellets contain the remains of small animals the owl had ingested, concluding their hypothesis of what owls hunted was correct. Cecilia Ahlers said, "We found a mouse skull in our owl pellet!" Catherine Beckman added, "The pellets have all the animal parts that the owl can't digest." Through this investigation, the students learned about the food chain and the diets of owls. This activity also provided an opportunity to learn about safe laboratory practices and the importance of taking precautions. Students used prudent scientific safety practices by wearing proper safety gear, aprons, plastic gloves, and eye protection. The children were very excited to learn about one of the creatures God created and placed here on Earth. Science deals with all of Godís creations, understanding these creations help us to draw closer to God. Pictured are Will Sonnen and Madeline Wassmuth

Congratulations to the 1st & 2nd grade class at Summit Academy for the recent box tops contest!  All the classes competed by bringing in Box Tops, Labels for Education and used printer cartridges for recycling.  In all the students collected over 2000 box tops, 160 labels for education and 77 ink cartridges.  The 1st and 2nd graders enjoyed being the first to use the parachute as the contest winners.  They are pictured with PE Teacher Mandy Crea. Photo provided by Summit Academy.

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