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Redneck Review!
No. 136 - 11/27/2017
In our last two reviews, two questions have been posed concerning the forces which are at work in our world today. The first question concerned the groups which seem to have the most impact on our country and the world around us.  It was contended here that three easily identified groups are involved, Christianity, Marxism, and Islam. It was also argued that LOVE is the driving force of the first, that CONFLICT lies at the heart of Marxism, and JIHAD and FORCE are critically important in the religion of Islam.
The second claim made was that MARXISM provides the answer for the news items we see virtually every day in our newspapers, on TV, and in the many radio programs that deal with current events.  Every day we hear of mass shootings, riots, screaming crowds spewing their hatred of people who hold a different point of view. Guest speakers are shouted off of the stages they are invited to use, or even threatened with physical harm in some instances!
So, it might be asked: What lies behind this obvious rise in hatred and intolerance which has become so prevalent in our country today?  As briefly suggested in Review 135, the answer can best be found in the teachings of Karl Marx and held by many of his followers. The most basic of their beliefs is ATHEISM, the denial of a God of any kind as held by other religions. Of near equal importance is their claim that CONFLICT is the driving force causing history to move onward and upward.  This conflict Marx claimed is obvious even in matter itself, as can be noticed in the opposing forces inside of every atom, and definitely at work in the relationship between owner and worker.  Marx called it Dialectical Materialism. or "Conflict in Matter." This conflict he argued, is inevitable, pitting the owners of property against the workers who are used by owners for their own enrichment.  Eventually, ownership will be diluted and eventually "wither" away in an evolutionary process that will eliminate all ownership and thus all conflict, resulting in a utopia on earth where all will live in peace and share and share alike!
Some facts supporting the claim that Marxism is behind the rise in hatred and intolerance!
First:  Marxism is atheism, their first and most basic belief. Therefore, all religions which claim a belief in God, and especially the Christian religion professing a belief in Christ, the claimed son of God, are mortal enemies of Marxism.  Their goal... destroy Christianity!   Are they being successful?   A careful study of the history of religion in the United States tells us that our basic religion, Christianity, has declined significantly in the last 75 to 100 years.  From the national figure of 95% of all Americans who professed to be Christian around 1950, polls show today that the figure has dropped to approximately 70% more or less, while the number who claim to be atheists, agnostics, or similar non-believers, has risen from nearly zero in the early nineteen hundreds when Communism/Marxism was born to around 20% or so today.  And the study also suggests that the process is picking up, as the number of Christians here has declined around10% since 2000, falling from about 80% to 70% while non-believers in our country have grown around 6% during the same period to the 20% figure mentioned above.
A second important fact.  Marxism/atheism promotes CONFLICT!  In fact it calls for it!  For they believe that the conflict associated with the battle over ownership is the force which moves the human race closer and closer to the socialist goal of equal sharing of everything. Ownership of property and the means of production must be taken away from private individuals, and turned over to the state, which will provide the total equality which all true socialists dream of!  
Thus, if you are seeking an answer to the hatred, the chaos, the conflict which dominates news today, the claim here is that you need look no further!  Atheism/communism/socialism is the key!  
Jake Wren

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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