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Redneck Review!
No. 143 - 1/14/2018
Last week, this article started off with a claim that "One Power" describes the ability that everyone has to not only to toss a little rock into a calm lake and forever change the lake, but also can and does change the world around him or her!
To clarify that claim, letís ask what the sentence "You have the power" would look like if it appeared in another language sometimes heard by the many different people we have in this country!  "You have the power" in Spanish? -- Tu tienes el poder!   The same "You have the power" in German? -- Sie haben die energie!  Finally "You have the power" in French? -- Vousavez le pouvoir!
Why take the time to bug Siri or Google to translate the simple sentence into different languages?  One reason only!  To emphasize the claim that every individual makes an impact on the community and the world simply by their existence, for better or for worse!
And why do this?  Because the huge numbers of people in our country and in our world today, and especially the political and economic systems we deal with, tend to dull this fact and leave the impression that individuals are insignificant, and even helpless and thus dependent on the state or outside sources for their very existence!
A broad claim, but think about it!  The growing power of government and the constant and relentless drift towards socialism in our country and around the world sends a message, that problems of all kinds are to be solved by big government and big banks!  In our own case, by Washington D.C. and the "experts" who make up the FED, the Federal Reserve System, which meets monthly to regulate our lives and our economy!
Crazy when you really think about it!  But true if we  stop and give it some careful thought! After all, is it not the zero or near zero interest rates that have fueled a roaring stock market over the past years? Or maybe more responsible is the stunning fact that our national debt now nears $20 trillion, and somehow helps provide the money that drives the market?
And how many of us believe that the FED can safely raise or even allow interest rates to rise back to normal?  The debt that exists in this country, in the world, and even in the case of individuals... Hey!...even college students...is huge, and a significant rise in interest rates would bring the whole system down in a catastrophic collapse!  Ouch!  Every real student of history knows that it was very similar near zero interest rates during the "Roaring '20's"that led to a decade of easy living followed by a huge collapse that brought on a similar ten years of poverty and depression!  Of course today we are led to believe by the same "experts" that there is no end to our debt fueled economy today, and that we can continue to enjoy...forever...?... an economy that goes up and UP.... and  U P!?
Do we really believe this?  Or do we just cross our fingers and hope in the improbable if not the impossible, or at least that the day of reckoning will not come in our life time, but only in a future which will be a problem for our children and grandchildren?
Is there a solution?  The only solution might lay in an enlightened citizen of tomorrow who is able to understand the power of the individual and is thus determined to provide for himself and his family, to live frugally and honestly, to care for the unfortunate and the neighbors who live around him.  Simply put, to refuse handouts and to give more than is received!  Could it happen?  Is it possible?  Does it depend on you and me?  HAVE WE THE POWER?
Jake Wren

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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