The LCSC Report
By:  Carla Wilkins
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Please try to register early.  Instructors will often cancel if a minimum number of students havenít registered by a certain date. 
Google Docs
Thurs, April 12th; 6-8pm
By: Elijah Zeida; Cost: $35
Grangeville Outreach
Learn to use Google Docs so you can access your work product from anywhere. This class will show you the basics of Google docs, how to use it on a mobile device as well as your PC, and some tips and tricks! Learn how to edit documents, work with images & tables, how to collaborate and share your docs.
Protect Your Computer
Tues. April 17th, 6-7:30pm
By: Elijah Zeida; Cost $30
Grangeville Outreach
Learn how to protect your privacy, block hackers and stop malware. This is a hands-on class so bring your laptop and power cord.
Human Tracking
Sat. April 21st; 8am-3pm
By: Pres Funkhouser
Taught by a retired Army Colonel who specialized in escape and evasion training at Ft. Bragg, this class begins with an indoor presentation on how to find tracking signs. The class will then spend the next four hours outside near the airport where a course has been set up to solidify your human tracking skills. 

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