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Dear Commissioners of Idaho County,
I write just to thank you for the official, public show of resistance you have put forth before the people of Idaho, out to the nation, and to the conglomerate of bureaucratic agencies involved, concerning the proposal that the Lochsa River corridor area be placed under one more, nice-sounding arm of UN/federal control.
I realize that the game is far from over, but the very fact that, in this instance, you have let it be known to all that you value, and are ready to stand guard for, the people's (supposed) sovereign independence - - in whatever way(s) that might be threatened - -  is INVALUABLE to us, your aware and freedom-loving constituents. 
Again, thank you!  (I think that Grandpa John Brandt just might be standing proud !)
Carol Asher

Redneck Review!
No. 178 – 9/17/18
Once again, only time will settle the argument! The argument? Simply between the folks labeled her the “Prophets of Doom” who insist and are convinced that we are on the road to disaster by insisting on using the natural carbon based resources giving us coal, gasoline and diesel to warm our homes, drive our cars, and fuel our industries! An article in last week’s Lewiston Tribune made some bold assertions: “With a warming climate, there are likely to be significant changes to streamflow volumes and timing due to changes in snow and ice in the upper basin. Losses of glacier melt and its contribution during the low-flow season will impact the systems that have historically relied on this consistent source of streamflow.” This statement, found on page 1C of the September 10 Tribune is traced to Christopher Frans, lead authority of “a recent study published in Water Resources Research, a journal of the American Geophysical Union.”
The article continues: “The study found that with a decline in snowpack accumulation and summer melt from some glaciers, some areas in the region could see 80 percent lower streamflows by the end of the century.” And on page 5C, the same article continues: “The model (used in the same study mentioned above) also showed that glaciers…could nearly disappear by 2100 if greenhouse gases are not curbed.” The conclusions came from a model based on a study of glaciers in the “Thunder Creek and Cascade River area…because they are home to some of the most heavily monitored glaciers in the region,” Frans said. The article continues to say: “The data from those glaciers and other studied…in the Olympics and Mt. Rainier helped to ensure the model used for Frans’ study accurately represented changes in glaciers.”
Well, there you have it! And certainly a picture is painted that should concern all of us! But a problem exists in the opinion of this review! The first nagging though is that the remedy suggested is that modern society give up or at least reduce drastically the use of a natural resource that is basic to modern living conditions—all around the world! And a second and significant problem is related to the absolutely incorrect predictions that have been made several decades ago about those same natural resources! Then we were told we should stop using them or cut their use drastically because the carbon based resource WOULD BE TOTALLY EXHAUSTED BY 2000! Wrong! We now know we have oil reserves in our U.S. alone GREAT THAN THE MIDDLE EAST!
So then we were told we should CUT THEIR USE because they were almost gone! Now we are told we should CUT THEIR USE because they will destroy our environment! Sounds to me like there is a credibility problem here! Especially so in that both then and now, the problem will require more loss of freedom on the part of the citizenry, and a huge increase in the power of a central government to enforce the necessary laws to guarantee our future!
Maybe an apology is needed here for labeling the advocates above as “Prophets of Doom.” Because they could be right! BUT…for dozens of reasons space prohibits mentioning here, the conviction here is that Casey’s DARK WINTER and centuries of climate change history tell us we are entering in the next few decades not an increasing warming period, but on the contrary due to “sun hibernation,” a generally cooling period which will challenge us with the opposite problems by the 2030’s! A serious and numbing potential new “ice age!” (My term-no one elses’s!) Maybe this is sort of a “doom prophecy” of a very different nature! But at least allowing us to use God given resources, plentifully available to all today!
Jake Wren

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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