November events for Tri-Parish Youth
November is a time to reflect on the blessings in our life and to see with a new mind and heart the gifts we’ve been given. It’s a time to slow down and see beyond ourselves to appreciate all that is in front of us, our family, our friends, our neighbors and maybe even those we don’t know.  As a youth group we will be giving, praying, feasting, sharing, discussing, and learning as we grow in thankfulness for each other and the world around us!
We will begin the month with an hour adoration at St. Mary’s at 10:00 p.m. on Friday Nov. 2nd..  Please consider taking some time with Lord to show your love and appreciation for all He has done for you.  Adoration is a perfect way to slow your life down and be present to the God who loves you, forgives you and is with you in everything you do.  You will be surprised at how different you feel when you spend quality time with Him!  Our Confirmation group will meet on Nov. 4th at the CEC fat 11:30 for Confirmation class.  I am asking the parents to attend this one-hour meeting. We will have maple bars and juice prior to the meeting!  On Monday, Nov. 5th the High School youth will meet at the Omg room at 7:00 p.m.  to plan the Thanksgiving feast. Please help me make this a great planning session by being present and bringing your ideas.   I am finally able to schedule a session with my High School “Focus” group.  I am meeting with those who are trained and those who want to begin training. We will meet at the Habit at 7:00 p.m. on Nov. 7h.  If I have asked you to consider being a leader or you are already a leader please show up to this meeting. I will get your coffee!
On Nov. 12th at 7:00 p.m. at the OMG room the High School youth will meet to plan the Thanksgiving basket delivery.  I am challenging you to bring a friend to this planning night. I will be meeting at 4:30 for RCIT on Nov. 13th at the Habit.  On Nov. 14th the Jr. High are invited to the CEC for a Thanksgiving feast hosted by the High School youth.  The High School youth are asked to be present at 5:15 to help set up.  The Jr. High are asked to arrive at 6:00 p.m.  The night will be filled with food, fun, and lots of laughter as we gather to celebrate each other and the meaning of Thanksgiving.  We will watch a movie following the feast.  Please make sure to invite your friends to this night of thankful friendship!  
On Nov. 18th the Confirmation class will meet at the CEC at 11:30 to complete lessons 4 and 5.  Please bring your books and have your homework finished.    On Nov. 19th the High School youth and adult leaders will meet at the OMG at 5:30 to begin putting Thanksgiving baskets together.  Please bring your assigned items.  On Nov. 20th the Haiti team will meet to discuss the “Pass the hat” for Haiti pledge. Idea.  Please be present if you plan on going on our 2020 mission trip.  We want a to provide a Christmas miracle for our Haitian family!  Also, I will need your poinsettia orders and numbers on this night so please have them ready.   No Youth Group on Nov. 21st and Happy Thanksgiving on Nov. 22nd! 
On Nov. 26th the Jr.High will have a pizza and game night at the OMG .  We will have pizza at 6:30 and games will begin at 7:00.  Please bring your favorite board game.  I will be meeting for RCIT (Rite of Christian Initiation for Teens) at 4:30 on Nov. 27th at the Habit.   I am encouraging everyone to attend the Advent night hosted by PFFP on Nov. 28th at St. Mary’s Church.  Please watch the bulletin for the time and more details.  
I am thankful for you and for the blessing you have all been in my life!  Happy Thanksgiving dear friends!
With a grateful heart,

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