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Redneck Review!
No. 251 - 2/17/2020
Wow!  Just put the finishing touches to a 5th book of RNR articles, this one entitled Book V, with articles 201 to 250.  This effort has now lasted nearly five years, from the first on 4/23/15, to the one noted above! No week has been missed, and now all 250 articles have been bound by the Cottonwood Chronicle, 50 at a time, and can be obtained there or from myself. Also, LET FREEDOM RING, a collection of similar articles which appeared in the Chronicle in the mid 1980's is available from the same two places, the Chronicle or myself.
The effort to bind RNR articles was triggered by requests for hard copies from readers who were Chronicle or email readers at the time, email recipients now numbering around 250.
Back to recent topics, and RECAP time!  Recent articles have dealt with the current battle going on among today's candidates for president. The issue is well defined!  Will we be better off in the next four years and maybe decades electing one of the candidates who argue for the benefits of SOCIALISM, or should we stay with the older system of CAPITALISM? And a quick note here. The term capitalism meant here is NOT the one found today in many parts of our country or even the world! Unfortunately, the name has been assigned to modern efforts of some individuals who far from the older and more traditional one referred to here, use their relentless pursuit of power and financial gain at all costs,  with no regard for rules, regulations, laws, or the decent respect owed to all other individuals, be they competitors or not.
The CAPITALISM referred to here, also some times called the FREE ENTERPRISE SYSTEM, is the one which has driven America in a relatively few short centuries to a position of freedom and wealth, unmatched by any other nation in history, and which today is the envy of the world, and the target for immigrants by the millions who want to come here and enjoy the benefits. As discussed at length in earlier RNR's, it is the economic system which goes hand in hand with Christianity, requiring belief in God and His son Christ, the Ten Commandments, the slogans "Do unto others as you would have them do to you," and the Great Commandment, "Love God above all things, and your neighbor as yourself." 
This system was basic to our early forefathers who transformed a primitive area in a few short centuries to the nation we all know today.  And it is the opinion here that only a return to this older style CAPITALISM can we hope to continue the blessings this nation has given us!
Common sense and a look around us gives proof of this claim!  Only in America can you get up in the early hours or during the middle of the night and find ambitious individuals of their own free will hustling to provide some product or some service to the people around them.  And the normal motive is PROFIT,  one of the four basic characteristics of true capitalism, as discussed in detail in RNR #30 and referred to in recent articles. It is true to say, that the richest person in a community, assuming arrived at legitimately, is the most valuable because of an ability to provide something wanted by neighbors, at a cost less than competitors. Examples are every where in our country, both in the rapid rise to wealth of some, and the genius of new products!
Think about it!  The call of the modern SOCIALIST involves the lure of free  Education, Health Care, Equality of Income... all  made possible by taxing the income of producers, inventors, the Most Talented, in a "Doomed to Fail" system, allowing everyone to live and enjoy life in the same manner!  Not only should common sense tell us this cannot happen, but past history does the same! America!  Careful!  Do we really want to choose Venezuela's socialist experiment?
Jake Wren

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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