Override levy set at $325,000
The school board passed a resolution to seek a $325,000 override levy in a May 19 election at their February board meeting Monday, Feb. 17.
This is the same as the last couple of years. 
Gus Hoene commented that apparently less is needed to make ends meet as in the past few years they had used $37,000 per year from the sale of the old K-1 building to reduce the override amount. 
Superintendent Reneí Forsmann said she feels that will be enough to balance the budget even though some of the numbers for state support are still unknown.
In other business Bill Weber was approved as a new bus driver. He had been subbing and for the past couple weeks had been driving the route for which he was hired.
The board also approved the resignation of Todd Nygaard effective the end of this school year.
A section of the policy manual on school board policies was approved.
In the facilities report, the only thing added to the items discussed at previous meetings for summer projects was adding gravel to some of the school parking lots. 
In her prinicpalís report Forsmann thanked the HOSA group for their presentations at the Elementary School on January 24.
She also noted that report cards went out Jan. 20.
Ski Day was a success for students in grades 4-8 while grades K-3 had a big screen movie day on that same day, Jan. 31.
Students had a Kisses for Fishes fundraiser last week with the money raised to pay for a bus and driver for a 4th grade field trip to Spaulding.
They have had one applicant so far for the Special Education opening.
In her superintendentís report Forsmann said she will be watching the legislative session and will report to the board on pertinent items. She said they are still undecided on the funding formula. There is a move to change over to enrollment instead of average daily attendance but the bugs have not yet been worked out on that.
She attended a superintendentís meeting last week with the focus on what is and isnít happening with our legislators.
Jon Rehder reported the new Epson S40600 printer has been installed and Mr. Hasselstrom and the students are figuring it out. Rehder passed around some decals they printed with the new machine. He asked for input in pricing. Since they are not for profit they need enough to replenish supplies.
He also reported he is changing the PBIS students of the month to holding raffles for those receiving the Arrrgh cards. 
The new speakers for the football field/track have arrived and will be installed in March once the snow disappears.
Mrs. Quintal is working on the class schedule for next year but has stalled with the resignation of Todd Nygaard. Once a new hire is approved she can finish it up.
The girls will leave Wednesday morning for State with the first game set for 1:15 MST Thursday against Raft River.
Boys district started Tuesday, Feb. 18 against Genesee. Win or lose they were to play again on Wednesday, Feb. 19.
They will be holding a blood drive at the high school on March 17. They need 27 donors to meet the goal  for the $2,000 in STEM money from vitalant.org. Adults can sign up too. Itís not limited to students.
They have a higher education day set for March 13 with 5 or 6 colleges to have representatives in attendance.
The meeting adjourned to an executive session for a principal evaluation at 7:40 p.m. The next regular meeting is set for Monday, March 16 at 7 p.m.

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