Lincoln Day event set for March 20
Jody Solerno will be the speaker at the Lincoln Day Dinner to be held in Greencreek Hall on March 20th sponsored by Idaho County Republican Central Committee. 
She is a professional speaker along with a media contributor. She is a competitive shooter, spokesperson and facilitator for a Girl and a Gunís women shooting league, and an NRA certified range officer.
Jody was recently awarded by the Trigger Pressers Union for instructing over 1,500 women in the past year on lethal and non-lethal self defense. Lastly, she was a 2018 Inspiring Lives Global award nominee. Jody now owns her own indoor shooting range and training facility which allows her to teach individuals of all ages on the importance of safety in everyday life. 
She will be giving a class on Saturday, March 21 at American Freedom Defense for beginner women. Cost for the class is $25. Pre-register at AFD 318 Sonnen Rd., Greencreek, Id 83533 or call Amy at 208-507-1621.

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