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Redneck Review!
No. 254 - 3/9/2020
My, what a week can do to political aspirations!  Super Tuesday  threw a wrench in socialist Bernie's lead in the Democrat's race for their presidential candidate!  Also, a burst of new life for Joe Biden whose hopes up to that time was on the ropes! Other Democratic hopefuls bowed out, a couple endorsing Biden on the way much to the fury of Sanders and followers!
From this corner, a big HOORAY! All are entitled to their own convictions in this land of the free, and consequently, one should respect those who believe differently. But as contended last week, history and common sense should tell us, SOCIALISM is a failed system, and America is not ready for doomsday yet!  Thus the example last week, followed by a claim that if examined carefully, the error of socialism would stand out vividly for all to see!
A quick review of the example which forces the conclusion claimed!  Recall we looked at a primitive community of four households, called A, B, C, and D, located in order left to right, and a mountain on the right requiring a 6 hr/day trip  just to obtain water. Other needs required another 12 hrs/day for survival living, This POOR, but all EQUAL community barely exists on 18hrs/day effort each,  and a total of 72 for the entire community just to survive!
Then household A decided a ditch bringing the water would be a good INVESTMENT, and would save each 6 hrs/day, still  maintaining  their survival standard of living.  BUT of course, now each would only work 12 hrs/day, so the community effort would drop to 48, and one can safely say, their standard of living improved immensely, and all would still be EQUAL!   Each would need 6 hrs/day less effort, so could relax or CHOOSE to use that time in other ways!
BUT WAIT!  A could not get help from B, C, and D, so A went it alone, spending an additional 2 hrs/day for several months digging the ditch down the mountain to his home on the LEFT side of the community!  Hey!  No longer is there EQUALITY in this community!  By adding two more hours to his daily effort, A drops below the other three in the amount of effort needed just to survive, as A is now working 20 hrs/day, the others still 18, so community effort   (which big government always likes to keep tabs on - especially socialists like Bernie!)  now is up two a day for a total of 74!  Standard of living still survival, but effort has increased and also the obvious INEQUALITY has occurred, A now being the "poorest" in the community!  Why?  Easy to see!  A works 2 hrs/day more and lives the same as the others who work only 18! Obvious!
Last week I challenged readers to predict what might happen next! ONLY ONE response came almost close,  but still not a complete prediction of what could happen next!!!???  So here is a list of possibilities that could happen after the water is running freely passed  B, C, and D, right up to A's shack, where he now sits back and relaxes as he has all the water he needs, NO LONGER 6 HOURS NEEDED TO GET IT!  Wow!  Serious INEQUALITY!  And some in certain
government types would not be happy!
Reaction #1:  B, C, and D simply start taking the water as needed, and threaten A who argues that it is not fair!   They would not help build the ditch!  No matter!  We will take it, and do not try to stop us!   Reaction #2.  A democratic government has been set up, so a meeting is called, and each given one vote!  By a 3 to 1 vote, the law simply takes over the ditch and guarantees that the water will be dispensed fairly!  Reaction #3:  Realizing A's effort building the ditch, the other households agree to bargain with A to exchange some of their water hours for the right to use his ditch water!  So, NEW challenge!  Respond by examining each reaction, and predicting what the future will hold for the community as each of the above three are resorted to!
Jake Wren

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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