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No. 368 - 5/15/22
Wow!  Abortion is in the news again!  And it is BIG news!  Why? Because the fate of the 48 year old supreme court decision ROE vs WADE (1973), will be re-examined by a current court of nine Supreme justices thought to be leaning towards reversing that decision by a vote possibly of 6-3 or maybe 5-4. What would that decision do?  It would nullify a federal law which essentially said that any woman had the right to obtain an abortion, and that no state could interfere!  In fact the ruling reversed a Texas law at the same time which made illegal any abortion performed in that state. The impact of such a decision would eliminate the federal government's involvement in the matter, and throw it back to the individual states.
So would it stop all abortions as many Pro-choice people loudly and emotionally claim? No, absolutely not!  What it would do is throw the decision back on each state individually. And it is well known today which states are currently very pro-abortion, and would certainly be happy to pick up the ugly business from a person forced to travel there to obtain a wanted abortion! A simple computer search will tell the curious just who those states are!
Just how many young lives have been snuffed out over the 48 some years since Roe-Wade? Again, a simple computer search will tell you that around 63 million (63,000,000) babes in waiting to be born have been in one way or another forced or ripped or sucked out of the mother's womb, preventing their birth and subsequent lives as citizens of this great nation. Details of the different methods, especially the late term ones are barbaric, and involve pain
unimaginable on the part of the victim. Court cases today are pending which deal with the casual selling of the aborted victim's parts, and in a instance here and there, accusations are made that some survivors are left to die unattended on a dying table. And some cases have been observed of surviving babes slain deliberately for the costly parts that can be sold for very significant prices!  Utterly barbaric, brutal, and unbelievable!
Do the simple math, and you will see that the 63 million abortions since 1973 means that an average of 1,312,500 of these procedures happen each of the 48 years, and dividing by the 365 days in a year, the figure that an average of 3595 abortions PER DAY stares you in the face!  FACTS, READERS, COLD, HARD, BRUTAL, BARBARIC FACTS!!
For increased awareness of how unimaginable these procedures are and the horrendous loss to our nation for tolerating it, read Og Mandino's best selling books, THE GREATEST SALES MAN and then  THE GREATEST MIRACLE IN THE WORLD, especially the latter one in which Mandino quotes the GOD MEMORANDUM claiming  that each individual is a miracle,  much greater than all others in the world!  In scientific detail, the book describes the miracle of sight, hearing, and touch, noting the existence of the billions of nerves necessary to make them work. Or the millions of miles of blood vessels large and so small in some instances that they nourish finger and toenails!  And without that circulation, the nails actually can and do turn black and fall away!  And how explain the steady beat, beat, beat of a human heart which in a normal life pumps the blood required for life and heath of the entire body!  Hey!  Explain please the life principle that makes that organ steadily  pump away, yet is nothing more than a piece of meat if taken from an animal or a human! And, one might ask, how many in that 63 million might have been another Einstein, another LaBron James, a Mother Theresa, perhaps the scientist who would discover a cure for cancer!
How many more reasons could there be for allowing life for those 63 million!  Many more! And so a return to that topic and those reasons next week!
Jake Wren





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