Dusk 'Til Dawn Tournament is this weekend
Prairie High School is hosting their annual Dusk til Dawn Volleyball Tournament this weekend.
They have 16 teams competing - 8 in the varsity bracket and 8 in the jv bracket.  The games will begin at 4:00 pm this Friday the 8th, at the high school.  There will be no admission charged - only donation cans out and available if people wish to give.  
Each team will play all the other 7 teams, Best 2 of 3, games 15-15-15.  After this, the 8 teams will be ranked by win/losses.  Then they will hold a single elimination playoff with all 8 teams. Games will be 25-25-15.  They will do this for both the varsity and the jv divisions.
The schedules are below. Warmup for the next match will start once the previous match is done. They will not be following a set match time schedule.
Pool A (Varsity) matches
Asotin vs Horseshoe Bend
Lighthouse vs Prairie
Centennial Bap. vs Tri-Valley
Mullan vs Colton
Lighthouse vs Centennial Bap
Horseshoe vs Tri-Valley
Prairie vs Colton
Asotin vs Mullan
Colton vs Asotin
Tri-Valley vs Prairie
Centennial Bap vs Horseshoe
Mullan vs Lighthouse
Tri-Valley vs Mullan
Prairie vs Centennial Bap
Asotin vs Lighthouse
Colton vs Horseshoe
Horseshoe vs Lighthouse
Centennial Bap vs Asotin
Mullan vs Prairie
Colton vs Tri-Valley
Centennial Bap vs Mullan
Prairie vs Horseshoe
Asotin vs Tri-Valley
Lighthouse vs Colton
Tri-Valley vs Lighthouse
Prairie vs Asotin
Horseshoe vs Mullan
Colton vs Centennial Bap

Pool B (JV) matches
Prairie Red vs Meadows Valley
Lighthouse vs Prairie White
Prairie Black vs Tri-Valley
Centennial Bap vs Lewiston
Lighthouse vs Prairie Black
Meadows Valley vs Tri-Valley
Prairie White vs Lewiston
Prairie Red vs Centennial Bap
Lewiston vs Prairie Red
Tri-Valley vs Prairie White
Prairie Black vs Meadows Valley
Centennial Bap vs Lighthouse
Tri-Valley vs Centennial Bap
Prairie White vs Prairie Black
Prairie Red vs Lighthouse
Lewiston vs Meadows Valley
Meadows Valley vs Lighthouse
Prairie Black vs Prairie Red
Centennial Bap vs Prairie White
Lewiston vs Tri-Valley
Prairie Black vs Centennial Bap
Prairie White vs Meadows Valley
Prairie Red vs Tri-Valley
Lighthouse vs Lewiston
Tri-Valley vs Lighthouse
Prairie White vs Prairie Red
Meadows Valley vs Centennial Bap
Lewiston vs Prairie Black

It would appear Lighthouse has the furthest to travel as they are from Twin Falls. Centennial Baptist is from Caldwell. Tri-Valley is a Midvale-Cambridge coop.



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