Weeks 4 & 5 results for the 10-Week Shoot
There were 53 shooters during week 4 of the 10 week shoot in cold, windy conditions on Sunday, Jan. 30.
Shane Poxleitner had the only perfect 25.
There were 6 near perfect 24’s shot by Derek Schaeffer, Philip Spencer,Butch Spencer, Frank Spencer,Clint Riener and Dereck Arnzen
Top Junior/High School scores were: 21’s-Tristian Mader, Eli Goeckner and Lane Lustig. 20-Dylan Uhlenkott. 19-Quirt Goeckner
There were 58 shooters during week 5 of the 10-week shoot on Sunday Feb. 6, in sunny and windy conditions.
There were no perfect 25’s.
Shooting 24’s were Brandon Poxleitner, Darrel Uhlorn, Clint Riener and Mitch Wemhoff.
There were nine 23’s by Jean Spencer, Philip Spencer, Jacob Wimer, Brian Schaeffer, Derek Arnzen, Kira Baker, Ben Gehring, Quirt Goeckner and Colton Nuxoll.
Top Junior/High School scores were: 22-Ben Gehring and Quirt Goeckner; 20-Lane Mader; 19-Dylan Uhlenkott, Tristian Mader, Lane Lustig and Peter Remacle.






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