Whatsoever Things Are True
by Dan Coburn
Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church
What is a Woman?
Lots of debate these days over this question. Some like me, can't conjure why it's a question at all. Some folks love the debate (argument) while others go from zero to sixty on the anger scale in a nanosecond at the mere idea there might be a tangible/palpable definition.  So let me define a woman. Nugget: This isn't some deep doctrinal exposition, but is - as is everything in my life, viewed through a Biblical lens; so here goes. You first notice her around kindergarten or first grade. She absolutely glows. Her smile could melt an iceberg. Her giggle is the most disarming thing you have ever encountered. She is the center of your thought process, and she doesn't even know you exist. She's constantly surrounded by friends, and no wonder. Even now she seems immune to all the fears and apprehensions you struggle with, and you are jealous of her. She always seems to wear a beautiful flower print dress, just above the ankles, and still somehow participates joyfully in all the games at school. Now she is in Jr. High school.  There she is seated at a table in the library. You try in vain not to seem pre-occupied with her as she doodles intently with a # 2 pencil.  It doesn't matter what she's writing. Can you see her in a long sleeve sweater that seems too large? Her cuffs cover all but her finger tips which are choking the pencil. You rehearse some kind of conversation with her, but the words don't come.  Then it happens. She glances up at you with a quick smile, and that's it. Your whole year just got better for it. Now she's in High School, and as busy as anyone you know with various athletics and other extracurricular activities.  She's still surrounded by friends - like a force field. It literally takes two years just to work up the courage to talk to her. But when you do, she is kind. You are stumbling over every word; scared to death she will realize any moment how you don't measure up, yet you can't pull yourself away.  Now you are married, a couple of kids and when you wake up you weep - amazed that she is still there with you. You have already had a life time of adventures together, and you have no desire but to "cleave only to each other", as you have indeed - become one flesh. She is (as Buddy Green said) so skillfully busy with the work of her hands  guarding her household and all that demands, she gives me more than I'll ever need  Just a virtuous woman, a treasure indeed".  She never returns from a shopping trip w/out something for the kids and often for you, while she won't buy something for herself. After a full work day, she feels like she's failed if she doesn't have a hot meal waiting for everyone.  She is the most giving, unselfish creature on planet earth, and yet struggles with low self esteem. Your biggest argument is who is going home to be with the Lord first, cause you are satisfied you can't function without her.  And that my friends is what a Woman Is.















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