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Just a reminder: The Library continues to acknowledge all Memorial Donation as they are received. What an opportunity to keep the memory of that loved one alive by sending a one time or monthly donation in that persons name to the Prairie Community Library.
Even though computer problems have slowed activities in the library we continue to honor your request for new books. If you have a request for a special book, please contact us and if it is not available we will try, within reason, to get it for you..
Spring is here. What a beautiful time of the year. There is a variety of both flowers and vegetable gardening books in the library. Also, computers are available to research information for your project.
Let us help you through this planting season. 
“Thank Heaven for Little Kids.” 
Story Hour continues to grow as each Tuesday 10 to 12 (sometimes more) little people crowd around Pollyanna as she brings life to each book.
Even the very youngest sit for an amazing amount of time, mesmerized by the story being read. Of course, snack time takes priority toward the end of the hour. It is a record day for the books loaned as many of the children borrow 4 to 6 books each… 
To you SENIOR CLASS members. The library has opportunities for your Senior Projects. Summer reading is soon approaching. If you are interesting in helping with this or other activities, please contact the library. 
Come visit on a Tuesday and see what is available.
Library Hours are: Wednesday 1:pm to-5:pm. 
Tuesday and Thursday 10:am to-5:pm

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