Carson Frei competes in MMA
Carson Frei, son of Mel and Christine Frei, has had success in the Pacific Northwest as an amateur Mixed Martial Artist.  At age 20, Carson has a 6-0 record and just won an FCFF (Full Contact Fighting Federation) title fight at Spirit Mountain Casino, Oregon.  Carson has a fight to defend his belt on December 6 at the Roseland Theatre in Portland, Oregon.  He has been primarily fighting as a flyweight (125 lbs).  He has finished every fight and has had only one fight that went into the second round.   He's finished with TKOs, arm bars, and rear naked chokes.  Carson has also won two amateur kickboxing fights.
Carson was born in Cottonwood. He grew up in Lewiston and is a graduate of Lewiston High School.  He started in karate at 5 years old, earned a black belt by the age of 12, and then transferred his passion to MMA.  He is a student of Frank Arnett, Martial Arts America and was a training partner to Austin Arnett.  Carson won his first fight at the age of 15 at Clearwater River Casino.
Carson is a member of Rose City Fitness Gym, Portland.  He teaches classes at the gym and goes to school year-round at Clark Community College earning an associate degree as a Personal Trainer.
He will be going professional very soon-- likely after he defends his FCFF title.  Carson's coaches include Robert Villardi, a professional kick boxer from Italy, and former UFC Fighter Ian Loveland.  Other known professional fighters from his gym include Dave Jansen, Mike Pierce, and Pat Healy. 

Carson Frei with his title belt. Photo provided by Christine Frei.

Carson Frei on the way to winning his fifth fight. Photo submitted by Christine Frei.

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