Summit adopts 4-day school week
In a spirit of family support, Summit Academy will begin classes this year on September 6, 2016. School will begin each day at 8:00 a.m. with dismissal at 3:45 p.m. on Monday through Thursday allowing families to enjoy a three-day weekend.  “This means that our school days are a little longer than before but I think it is well worth it”, says freshman student Alexis Currier.
Many of the families who attend Summit live on farms and/or ranches with plenty of chores to do.  Some high school students will continue working for their summer employers on Fridays and Saturdays throughout the school year.  “I think it is a great idea”, said Mr. Watson, who is the Academy’s Latin teacher.  “Having longer classes will allow us to complete more lessons during class and provide us with more time to give individual attention to those students who may need it from time to time.”
The parents suggested the idea at a school-wide meeting last May.  The Board of Directors, along with the families voted unanimously to adopt the four-day week primarily to allow more family time and longer weekends for travel and other outings.  Several other schools in Idaho have a similar four-day school week. 
“Having a four day week will allow students and teachers more time to spend with their families,” said Mr. Hickel, Principal.  “It will also reduce absenteeism by allowing families to take care of appointments, shopping, errands, etc. on Fridays.”
Along with its new Catholic status, Summit Academy Catholic School looks forward to a terrific year as it continues to serve the families on the Prairie.

Summit Girls Volleyball Schedule 2016
All matches start at 6 p.m. unless indicated
Home matches at Prairie Auxiliary Gym (old Elementary)
24-Salmon River, there, 6 p.m. MDT-Cancelled
25-Deary, here*
27-Summit at Salmon River Tournament, 9 a.m. at Riggins
30-Highland, there*
  1-Deary, there*
  6-Nezperce, here*
  8-Logos, here*
17-Grangeville Tournament, TBA
20-Kendrick, here*
22-Timberline, there*
24-Salmon River, here, 9 a.m.
27-Nezperce, there*
28-Highland, here*
  4-Logos, there*
  6-Timberline, here*
11-Kendrick, there*
15-19-District at LCSC
22-State Play-In
28-29-State at Bonneville High School, Idaho Falls
*League match

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