Students take part in dissection projects
Summit Academy held their annual May Crowning and Hike-a-thon fundraiser last Friday.  The day began at the school with mothers, grandmothers and other guests taking part in the crowning of Mary.  This was followed by a student led rosary for the intentions of all the special women in our lives and for the intentions of our Hike-a-thon donors.  A reception was held afterward with many students presenting a gift to their mothers and grandmothers. Following the reception, the students were transported to Winchester State Park for this year's Hike-a-thon.  Earlier in May, students were given a goal and two contest options to motivate them to collect pledges.  The goal hasn't quite been reached, but pledges are still coming in.  Students are competing to receive either the largest amount in pledges or the largest number of pledges.  The families that win each of these contests will be allowed non-uniform dress days for the last week of school.   At the Hike-a-thon, students from preschool through 12th grade walked on the Winchester Lake trail from two to six miles, depending on their age.  While the day was cool, the students were happy the rain held off long enough for their hike.  The students have been praying for the intentions requested by our donors and are thankful for their support of the Hike-a-thon. 

Pictured are 7th and 8th grade girls Erin Chmelik, Lexi Currier, Hailey Stubbers, Kelly Stubbers, Claira Osborne and Jessie Sonnen are all smiles before the hiking begins.  Photo by Summit Academy.

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