Summit students celebrate Arbor Day
The kindergarten and high school students of Summit Academy gathered together on Cottonwood Butte to plant seedlings within the forest in celebration of Arbor Day. This year, the students planted over 100 ponderosa pine seedlings throughout a local landowners’ property. Their hard work and contribution within the local forests  added beauty to the Prairie, and will continue to give life to mankind, plants, and animals.
Arbor Day is a national holiday celebrated in all 50 states of the United States and overseas in 33 foreign countries. The holiday started in Nebraska on April 10, 1874 by J. Sterling Morton. Morton was a recent immigrant from Detroit, Michigan and moved to the treeless, Great Plains of Nebraska. As a nature lover, he strongly missed the forests and greenery where he grew up. In Nebraska, he advocated the importance of planting trees and proposed a national holiday for it. On the first celebration of Arbor Day, over one million seedlings were planted in Nebraska. 
At the end of the planting, each student was awarded two blue spruce seedlings that were provided by the Idaho Forest Products Commission to be planted with their families at home and to showcase what they learned in school this week.”

Summit Academy’s Arbor Day tree planting team

Students learning how to properly plant a tree for best survival. 

High school students teamed up with kindergarten students to plant trees together. Above photos provided by Idaho Department of Lands Craigmont office.

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