Summit wins 3 of 4 matches
The Summit Lady Patriots finished their regular season with a Senior Night win over Nezperce Tuesday, Oct. 14, and then got busy in the District Tournament beating Nezperce and losing to Logos on Saturday, Oct. 18 and then staying alive with a 5-game win over Highland on Monday, Oct. 20.
Vs. Nezperce
Summit finished their regular season with a senior night win over Nezperce at Cottonwood as they beat the Indians 25-14, 24-26, 25-19, 25-21.
Megan Seubert was honored as the only senior on the squad.
With the win Summit finished the regular season at 7-9 overall and 4-8 in league play, good for the #5 seed into the District Tournament.
Vs. Nezperce at District
In their opening match at District Summit proved their senior night win wasn’t a fluke as they beat #4 seeded  Nezperce again in 4 games 25-6, 25-17, 20-25, 25-18.
Summit jumped all over Nezperce in the first game as Rachel Waters served them to a 6-0 lead with a couple of aces along with 2 kills by Seubert and another by Lucy Osborne.Ally Sonnen makes a pass as Ashlee Stubbers watches in Summit volleyball action at District.
After trading sideouts, Seubert had a pair of aces and Ally Sonnen added a kill to make it 10-1.
At 13-4 Sonnen took over serving and had 3 aces with Ashlee Stubbers and Seubert each adding a kill to make it 18-4.
Osborne then served out the game after taking over at 19-6. She had 2 aces while Seubert scored 2 kills and a block. 
Nezperce came back stronger in the second game after getting blitzed in the first as they built a 7-13 lead before bricking a serve.
That gave Summit the opening they need as Sonnen served them back into the game. She had 2 aces while Seubert dominated at the net with a pair of kills and a stuff as Summit tied the score at 13.
Nezperce twice more took the lead only to see Summit rally back to tie. Summit finally took the lead on a missed serve at 18-17 and Seubert was able to serve out the game. She had 5 aces while adding a free ball kill from the back row while Sonnen scored the game-winning kill.
The third game belonged to Nezperce as they jumped out to leads of 0-9 and 1-12. 
Nezperce eventually led 12-23. At that point Summit put together a rally but they had dug too much of a hole and wound up losing by just 5.
In the fourth game it was close early on but Ashlee Stubbers put together a 5 point serving run to break it open. Sonnen scored the sideout kill and added another before Ashlee rang off 4 straight aces to make it 10-4.
Summit was able to make that lead stand up as Nezperce never got any closer than 5 points the rest of the game.
Sonnen had 21 kills in the match including 2 blocks plus 5 aces. Seubert had 18 kills including 5 blocks plus 2 assists and 9 aces. Lauren Stubbers had 4 kills, 3 assists and 3 aces. Waters had 3 kills, 26 assists and 4 aces. Ashlee Stubbers had 2 kills and 7 aces. Osborne had 2 kills and 2 aces.
Vs. Logos at District
Summit’s Lucy Osborne makes a pass at District.The win over Nezperce advanced Summit into a match with #1 seed Logos who had received a first round bye. Logos showed why they were the top seed with a 14-25, 21-25, 18-25 sweep over the Patriots.
The opening game saw Logos jump out to leads of 0-5 and 2-11 and they went on to win easily.
The second game saw Summit jump out to a 5-0 lead as Seubert scored a kill on the opening point and Waters served 2 aces with Seubert adding 2 more kills.
The lead didn’t last long though as Logos scored 9 of the next 10 points to take a 6-9 lead.
Summit was able to take back the lead and still led at 17-15 but Logos finished strong outscoring Summit 4-10 down the stretch.
The third game saw Summit again hang close as the game went back and forth with Logos unable to build more than a 3-point lead until late.
Summit was still in it at 18-19 after an ace by Waters but Logos got the sideout and then served out the match.
Sonnen had 14 kills including 3 blocks. Seubert had 13 kills including 2 blocks plus an assist. Lauren Stubbers had 5 kills, 1 assist and 3 aces. Waters had 1 kill, 16 assists and 3 aces. Osborne had 1 kill, 2 assists and 1 ace. Ashlee Stubbers had 2 aces.
Vs. Highland at District
Summit stayed alive at District by holding off Highland 25-19, 25-23, 22-25, 19-25, 15-12.
They were to play Deary Tuesday evening at 7:30 p.m. If they won that they would play again at 6 p.m. Thursday.Megan Seubert spikes the ball at District.
Summit jumped out to a 5-1 lead in the opening game as Waters and Seubert each served 2 points. 
Highland came back strong though and took an 8-12 lead. Sonnen ended that rally with a kill and then served Summit back to a 12-12 tie with an ace plus 2 kills by Seubert.
After 6 straight sideouts Seubert put together a 6 point service run that gave Summit the lead for good. She had 3 aces while Sonnen had a kill and a block and Lauren Stubbers added a kill.
Ashlee Stubbers served the final 2 points of the game with Sonnen scoring on another block and then ending it with dig that wound up as a kill.
The second game was close throughout and it didn’t look good when Highland took late leads of 21-22 and 22-23.
Down 22-23, Seubert scored 3 straight kills to give Summit the game and a 2 games to 0 lead.
In the third game Summit’s last lead was at 5-4. Highland’s Malayna Hambley served 6 straight points to give Highland a 5-10 lead and Highland later had a 6-14 lead.
Sonnen served Summit back within 4 at 10-14 and later Waters served the Patriots back within 2 at 15-17 with a 3-point run.
Highland pushed the lead back to 5 at 18-23 but Summit again rallied as Sonnen scored a kill and Seubert scored one from the back row to make it 21-23. Highland held on to win it by 3.
The fourth game saw Highland again lead much of the way although Summit rallied with Waters serving 7 straight to take an 18-14 lead. She had 2 aces while Seubert scored 4 kills and a stuff block.
Summit lead 19-16 when Lacey Hovey scored a kill for the Huskies and then went on to serve out the game finishing it with 6 aces in her 8 serves.
That set up a winner-take-all fifth game and Highland looked like they were going to pull out the match as they jumped out to leads of 0-5 and 1-8.
A dig kill by Osborne put Seubert on the service line and she served the Patriots back into the game with 6 straight points to tie it at 8-8. She had 2 aces while Sonnen dominated at the net with 3 kills and a stuff.
After 4 straight sideouts, Summit took their first lead of the game on another kill by Sonnen.
After another pair of sideouts, Seubert scored kills on a pair of tips with Sonnen serving to get to match point at 14-11.
Highland scored the sideout but then bricked their serve to give Summit the game and the match.
For the match Sonnen had 27 kills including 3 stuffs plus 1 assist and 2 aces. Seubert had 21 kills including 2 stuffs plus 2 assists and 12 aces. Lauren Stubbers had 8 kills, 2 assists and 1 ace. Waters had 5 kills, 35 assists and 6 aces. Ashlee Stubbers had 1 kill and 3 assists. Osborne had 1 kill, 2 assists and 3 aces.
Summit is now 10-10 on the season.

The Summit volleyball team made for a colorful group during warm-ups at the district tournament thanks to the shirts (as well as the socks) created for the team by their lone senior, Megan Seubert. “H15story in the making” is the theme of Seubert’s class of 2015. From left are coach Heidi Waters, Lucy Osborne, Nachi Garcia, Lauren Stubbers, Ashlee Stubbers, Rachel Waters, Seubert, Ally Sonnen and coach Allen Sonnen. Not pictured is Coco Garcia.

Igniting the school year, Summit Academy’s Formation Director Mrs. Lustig encouraged the virtue of kindness.  K-12 students were coached throughout September on how to become more generous, helpful, and concerned for others.  Blessed Mother Theresa was their role-model.  She cared for the sick.  She aided the dying.  She saw the face of God in the poor and helpless.  Despite her many hardships, Blessed Mother Theresa learned to show cheerfulness habitually.  The 1st—2nd Grades were awarded for mirroring her example the best amongst the entire student body.  We thank you, 1-2nd Graders! We of Summit Academy pray that all of us, as we grow in the gift of faith in Jesus Christ, may increase in the virtue of kindness throughout the rest of the school year.  Summit Academy’s Kindness Campaign Winners:  Mrs. Sonnen, Mrs. Lustig, Connor Nuxoll, Phillip Schwartz, Kaden Krogh, Thomas Rose  Top: Greta Watson, Sarah Waters, Rachel Sonnen, Julia Wassmuth and Noelle Chmelik 

The Kindergarten class at Summit Academy initiated a campaign to "Light our Flag".  Student body President Josh Lustig had suggested the idea of a light on our outdoor flag, so the Kindergarten class collected money from the students in every grade for the last 2 weeks and presented the cash to Josh Lustig and the Summit Student Government. Pictured (left to right) are: Mrs. Rehder and Josh Lustig in the back Nathan Wassmuth and Catherine Seubert in the front row.

Summit teacher Michelle Sonnen signs the Oath of Fidelity while other Summit staff members line up to do the same.
Summit Academy Takes the Oath—with Tears of Joy
On October 16, to express their faithfulness to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, Summit Academy’s faculty and staff publicly signed the Oath of Fidelity.  The teachers promised to “hold fast to the deposit of the faith in its entirety…[to] follow and foster the common discipline of the entire Church…[and to] faithfully assist diocesan Bishops, so that the apostolic activity, exercised in the name and by the mandate of the Church, may be carried out in communion with the Church.”  Father Paul Wander witnessed the signing during the Thursday morning Mass at St. Mary’s parish.  Following the ceremony, Principal Mr. James Hickel, presented to Father Paul a tissue box serendipitously stuffed with letters of thanks and gifts.  Summit Academy honored Father Paul for Clergy Appreciation month in October, and thanked Father Paul for his support and kindness toward the school’s goal to remain faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Summit Varsity Volleyball Schedule
28-Kamiah, there, 4:30 p.m., won 3 games to 0
4-Highland* at Highland, 6 p.m., lost 2 games to 3
6-JV Tournament @ Genesee, 8 a.m., tournament champions!
9-Kendrick, there, 6 p.m., lost 0 games to 3
11-Deary* at Highland, 7 p.m., lost 1 game to 3
13-V Tournament @ Grangeville, 9 a.m.
16-Timberline, there, 6 p.m., won, no info available
18-Nezperce, there, 6 p.m., lost 2 games to 3
27-Logos, there, 2 p.m., lost 1 game to 3
30-Highland, there, 6 p.m., won 3 games to 0
2-Tri-Match @ Grangeville, 5 p.m., lost to Kendrick 0 games to 3; lost to Grangeville no scores available
7-Deary, there, 6 p.m. lost 0 games to 3
9-Timberline* at Highland, 6 p.m., won, no scores available
11-Tri-Match at Highland, 5 p.m., lost to Logos 0 games to 3; beat Highland 3 games to 1
14-Nezperce* at Prairie Elementary, Senior Night, 7 p.m., won 3 games to 1
18-23-District at LCSC, beat Nezperce 3 games to 1; lost to Logos 0 games to 3; beat Highland 3 games to 2; lost to Deary 0 games to 3, details next week

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