Holy Simplicity
During the month of October, Summit Academy students were invited to grow in the virtue of “holy simplicity”: the seeing of God in every moment which leads us to total reliance on God in every moment. 
Students learned of St. Therese of Lisieux’s “little way”: 1) to have faith and trust in God; 2) to accept our humble circumstances; and 3) to do things assigned to us as offerings to God.  One way the teachers dared their students with the virtue of simplicity was by being in the correct and complete uniform each day. 
The 5-6 Grade succeeded in completing this task, showing the goodness of sacrificing their own preferences for the sake of the school they attend.  Thank you, 5-6 Grade for your good example!  

5-6 Grade Summit Academy Students awarded for excelling the most in “holy simplicity”.  From left to right: Lyndsie Krogh, Erin Wassmuth, Sadie Kopzynski, Dani Sonnen, Claira Osborne, Lane Wassmuth, Jade Prigge, and Hope Schwartz. Photo provided by Summit Academy.

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