Notes from City Hall
Those that have lived here a number of years know that snow and ice in the winter can be quite a nuisance.  City crews are doing their best to keep up with it and we ask your patience as each snowfall is cleared away and driveways are cleared out as time allows.  Be assured that you are not being plowed in on purpose and we will be back to help you clean out.  We appreciate your help with this.
Please welcome our interim Chief of Police Joe Newmann.  Joe Newmann, new police chief.Joe is a full time deputy for Lewis County and will be helping us out here as well while Terry is in Iraq.  He will have a regular patrol schedule here in town that coincides with his schedule at Lewis County.  Remember to call Idaho County Dispatch at 983-1100 or 911 for an emergency.  City Hall cannot dispatch the police but can take messages for him so please call dispatch for any calls for service from law enforcement.
We are also instituting a new procedure for calls for service for the water, sewer and street departments.  Please contact Roy at 962-3232 or Carol at City Hall for all your service requests related to any of these Departments including leaks, repairs, damage you may notice or anything that needs the attention of the City crews.  A Request for Service form will be filled out and it will receive prompt attention with a report given to the appropriate Commissioner as to the nature of the call and what action was taken.  This will cut down on miss-communication, a timely resolution to the problem and prevent things from “falling through the cracks”.  It is the City’s intention to be of service to its citizens and take care of problems before they arise.
Thank you for your help and support.   
Denis B. Duman, Mayor 

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522



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