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In the past couple of weeks you may have noticed collection cans set around town for the Center For Discovery.  The Center For Discovery has been in our community for four years now.  We have had an average of 90 kids come through our doors each year since we started.  This is a huge portion of our youth in Cottonwood.  The first three years we were lucky enough to have received a grant to fund us completely.  With this big grant we help purchase many things that were needed in the schools, like the playground equipment at the Elementary and the small bus that is in constant use daily.  We have been putting all of the money paid by the parents into a local fund that we will use when our grant money is gone.  Now that year four is in full swing we need to keep looking toward the future of our program, and we need your help. We have received a smaller grant for the next four years, however this grant is only for a very small portion of our running expense.  We are doing a penny drive to help us with some of our cost.  Our program gives the kids of this community a safe place to go after school so they are not home alone or running around town.  We are opened to any suggestions you might have in the fund raising department.  The week of spring break and Easter the kids in our program will be doing a candle and body wash fund raiser through Home and Garden if you would like to purchase a candle or body wash please contact one of our kids or Erin Shears, Karrie Vanator, Nicki Shears, or Lacey Sonnen, will take your order.  Thank you for being so supportive of our program in the past.  If you would like more information on our program and what goes on at the Center For Discovery please feel free to contact us at any time.  Our number is 983-6385. 

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