Old house torn down
For the last several weeks Ken Seubert has been tearing a house down on King Street for Mike Nuxoll.Early in the tear down of the house.
Ken says the house had five roofs when he began to tear it down and a lot of nails used to hold it together.
At one time there was a two-story addition on the back with a bedroom below and above. This was later taken off, as the addition had no foundation.
The house was built by J.B. Forsmann about 1910 and some of the lumber came from a Chinese laundry that was being torn down.
Found in the house was a whiskey bottle with a label naming the bottle “Paul Jones Whiskey” and the label said “Approved June 30, 1906”.
Also a board was found with a pencil drawing of a Chinese Sailor.
One thing some of you may have found interesting was the front door still standing when the rest of the house was down. Kathy, Ken Seubert’s wife, had asked for the door. Ken suggested she some and pick it up. She was a while getting there so the door waited for her.
Plans are to finish the cleanup and plant the area to grass.
Ken Seubert with a 1906 whiskey bottle and a board with a pencil drawing that he salvaged when tearing the house down.

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