Museum provides artifacts for TV show
The PBS program series American Experience will present their latest production entitled "The Golden Gate Bridge" on Monday, May 3 on your local PBS station. In 1937, the impossible was made possible: a bridge spanned the Golden Gate of San Francisco Bay. Built in the harshest of conditions by an unlikely team of men, the Golden Gate Bridge is an enduring symbol of American ingenuity.
The Historical Museum at St. Gertrude provided several artifacts that were used in this production including a 1923 calculating machine, a slide rule, and a drafting set. An interesting sidelight is that the drafting set once belonged to George Pierce who was one of the major civil engineers involved in the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge as well as the San Francisco Bay Bridge. All artifacts are currently on display at the museum.
We, the staff of the museum, encourage you to consider viewing this new program that we had a part in. 

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