Prairie Elementary scratches out over $800
Denise Uhlenkott and Rene’ Forsmann represented Prairie Elementary School in the Idaho Lottery Scratch for Schools Program held at Lewis Clark State College.  The Prairie Elementary staff with the check they received in the Idaho Lottery Scratch for Schools program.Participating schools received 300 lottery scratch tickets and were given 5 minutes to scratch as many tickets as possible.  The team who scratched the most tickets and/or had the most money in tickets became the winner.  Prairie High School’s team scratched 269 and Prairie Elementary scratched 268.  Therefore, Prairie High School and Prairie Elementary School teams were winners.  Each school received an additional 1,000 lottery tickets.  
Prairie Elementary staff got together and scratched the 1,000 tickets and will receive $683 from the Idaho Lottery.  We will add this to the $144 that was received from the prior 268 tickets.  The money will go toward a sprinkling system for the elementary school playground.  Our lottery money as well as our cookie dough money will make this project possible.  We hope to get this project completed this summer.

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