CHIP B training offered
Clearwater Valley Hospital and St. Mary’s Hospital have scheduled CHIP B training sessions in Orofino, Cottonwood and Kamiah.  The open enrollment period for the Children’s Health Insurance Program B, which allows families to earn more than the CHIP A program, ends July 16.
 The hospitals are training their staff, personnel from other agencies and local employers on how the program works and how to assist with the application form.  Jeanette Gorman, left, explains the CHIP B program to an interested parent.
 Because there is such a narrow window in which to apply for this program and only 5600 children statewide will be accepted, we are putting effort into making sure that the children in this area have an opportunity for medical coverage, said Casey Meza, CEO, SMHC/CVHC.
 An hour long training sessions will be held this Thursday, June 17, in the SMHC Conference Room beginning at noon.  There will be a session that same day at 5:00 p.m. in Kamiah at the Community Action Partnership office, 506 Main and a third session in Orofino on Friday, June 18 at 1:00 p.m. at CVHC.  Application forms, flyers and information sheets will be distributed.
 “We’re counting on business people, those in service organizations, friends, family and neighbors to notify people to inquire about the CHIP program and apply if they are income eligible,” said Meza.  “The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare has broadened the guidelines and more people will qualify.”
 There is also a session for the general public and possible applicants scheduled in Orofino on Thursday, June 24 at 7:00 p.m. at CVHC, 301 Cedar.
 Application forms will be available in a variety of places including both hospitals, their clinics in Kooskia, Pierce, Kamiah, Nezperce and Craigmont, the Community Action Partnership offices in Grangeville, Kamiah and Orofino, the health departments in Orofino and Kamiah, as well as at the local Department of Health and Welfare offices.
 For more information contact CVHC, 476.4555 or SMHC, 962.3251.

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