Medical clinics promoting CHIP B
Each of the medical clinics associated with St. Mary’s Hospital and Clearwater Valley Hospital are promoting enrollment in the state’s CHIP B or Children’s Health Insurance Program B.  It provides medical insurance for children who are currently uninsured.Candy Lang, CVHC, helps with enrollment to the CHIP B program.
 SMHC and the Cottonwood Medical Clinic have the simple application forms, tips on how to fill them out and other information.  A person on each staff has been trained to answer questions about the program.
  “We’re trying to raise the awareness of young families that the Children’s Health Insurance Program B has broadened the income guidelines so more children will qualify for state provided health insurance,” said Theresa Uptmor, SMH Clinics Manager.  “Self employed people can take their gross income from 2003 and divide it in half to find out if they qualify.”
 A family of four can make up to $34,872 annually.  A family of three can make up to almost $28,000 and qualify.
The clinic and hospital have CHIP B information and application forms.  The forms can be filled out at any time, but have to be postmarked between July 7 and July 16.
 “We’re recommending that people have their applications postmarked on July 7th because only 5600 children will be accepted into the program at this time.  It is estimated that there are 30,000 uninsured children in Idaho.  It is a ‘first postmarked, first served’ policy,” said Uptmor.  “I would be happy to help people fill out their forms and they can also bring them in to us and we’ll make sure they get mailed on the 7th.”
 For more information on the CHIP B program call St. Mary’s Hospital, 962.3251 or any of their clinics.  Information and applications forms are also available by calling the Idaho Careline, 2-1-1, or toll free, 1.877.543.7669.  Additional information is also available at (click CHIP).

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