Cub Scouts launch eggs
The theme for Pack 638’s July pack meeting on July 10th was bottle rockets.  When you think of bottle rockets, you think of fireworks that whistle and pop.  When you’re a cub scout it means pop bottles, water, eggs and air.
Each scout has a “rocket” made out of two 2-liter pop bottles.  One has fins, the other holds the capsule.  The capsule consists of any material you wish that will hold an egg.  The object is to launch your rocket, have it land and the egg not to be broken.  Packing material for the capsule, can be anything; bubble wrap, socks, marshmallows, diapers, packing peanuts, or anything in between.
Bear cubs, Seth Chaffee, Matthew Jungert, and Frank Spencer along with Wolf cub Drew Cochran enjoyed a fun filled afternoon of launching.  Some eggs made it, some didn’t, that’s just the way the “egg” bounces.
Bear Cubs Matthew Jungert, Seth Chaffee, Frank Spencer and Wolf Cub Drew Cochran with their launching equipment.

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