Coyote Classic has 45 entrants
There were 45 runners and/or walkers who competed in the Coyote Classic Fun Run held Saturday, July 17.
The event was sponsored by St. Maryís Hospital and Clinics.
Winner of the menís 5-mile run was Dan Johnson with a time of 37.00 with Steven Lee second at 37.39.
Winner of the womenís 5-mile run was Trina Geis, who defended her title with a course record of 38.11. Second was Michelle Kehler in 42.13.
Winner of the menís 2.5-mile event was Kage Sobotta in 21.56 with Dakota Murphy second at 22.07.
Winner of the womenís 2.5-mile event was Debbie Sobotta in 22.03 with Liz Flatt taking second at 24.50.
In addition to the winners there were 4 other 5-mile entrants. Their times were: Jack Secrest, 40.47; Hailey Minnehan, 44.05; Nancy Bovey, 45.36 and Mary Ellen Goddard, 49.24.
Times for the 2.5 mile race were: Ken Kessler, Jr., 23.00; Ben Prado, 27.44; Reuben Prado, 27.44; Esther Kessler, 29.41; Millie Wimer, 34.97; Kessler (no first name available) 36.25; Ken Kessler, Sr., 36.35; Misti Fogelman 38.04; Kryslyn Fogleman 38.05; Tiffany Schaeffer, 38.12; Whitney Schaeffer, 38.13; Sharon Schaeffer, 38.16; Marlene Forsmann, 38.19; Jake Forsmann 38.19; Larry Dasenbrock, 38.20; April Powers, 38.38; Jessi Dasenbrock, 38.49; Vickie Dasenbrock, 39.01; Aleta Coppernoll, 39.01; Ashley Biesecker, 39.12; Sarah Kuykendahl, 39/12; Marlene Schumacher 41.33; Matthew Jungert 42.52; Seth Chaffee, 42.52; Emmett Wilson, 44.57; Fr. Meinrad Schallberger, 44.87; Mary Lou Pethtell, 45.17; Frank Spencer, 50.52; Jean Spencer, 50.54; Marie Jungert, 50.56 and Miriam Hansen and Mary Reed had no official times.
The winners of the Coyote Classic. Runners await the start of the race.
The youngest, boy with water, and oldest competitors, ranging in age from 7 to over 90. Dr. Bruner gives last minute instructions to the runners.

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