Help sought with backpack program
Would you like to see each student in the school district begin classes with all the supplies he or she needs to begin the school year?  Could you help St. Mary’s Hospital and Clinics stock backpacks for each grade level?  Would you like to be responsible for a smile from a grateful student, parent or teacher?Mikki Bruegeman, Mary Beth Meyers and Delores Bowman, SMHC staff, look over school supply lists.
 SMHC is once again gathering school supplies to put in backpacks for needy students in the Cottonwood and Nezperce schools.  “Not all families can afford the cost of a backpack or school supplies, and our employees have annually supplied one or two stocked backpacks for each grade level,” said Sr. Barbara Jean Glodowski, Mission Integration Director.  “Because the need has increased with each passing year, for the second time we are approaching members of the community to help with the project.”
 According to Glodowski, anyone interested can either purchase a backpack and or elementary or secondary school supplies and drop them off at the hospital reception desk  in Cottonwood or the Nezperce Medical Clinic prior to August 16.  
 “We also have a little yellow cardboard school bus in front of our SMH Chapel with tags for people to pick up that lists the needs of a particular grade level,” said Glodowski.  “Last year a number of parents with students dropped by and let their student pick out a tag and help with the school shopping.  We were also able to donate the surplus supplies we collected to the schools for needy students throughout the school year.”
 Over 35 backpacks were stocked and distributed to the schools in Cottonwood and Nezperce.  The recipients of the backpacks were selected by the school principal and kept strictly confidential.  If your child needs a backpack and supplies contact the school directly.

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