2004 Idaho County Fair Royalty
(From the Idaho County Fair Premium Book)
“The year has been fun but it’s also been a big commitment,” said Idaho County Fair Queen Briget Long.Fair Queen Briget Long
Long and princesses Brittny Behler and Lacey Seubert have spend the past year representing Idaho County as the fair’s royalty. They have traveled to parades and events in towns throughout the region as well as helped at a variety of community events during the year.
Long will be a senior at Prairie high School this fall. She is the daughter of Pat and Sheila Long of Cottonwood the granddaughter of Ken and Ora Mae Long and Everett and Theresa Sonnen, all of Cototnwood.
Long has two sisters: Ashle’, 19 and Chelsea, 13. She is a member of the Indoor-Outdoor 4-H Club who is also sponsoring her as fair royalty.
“The parades have been fun – you get a lot of attention and the little kids really look up to you,” Long said. “The whole thing is definitely a growing experience and I would encourage other girls to do this – you learn so much!”
Long plays basketball, volleyball and softball and also participates in track. She is a member of the National Honor Society, Forever Free Drug-Free Group, Prairie League and Business Professionals of America. She is currently involved in taking a CAN course and spends a few hours a week typing for the Cottonwood Chronicle.
One bit of advice Long would give other royalty members is to research their float-making materials. The trio made their float, Hollywood Stars, out of cardboard. They agreed it wasn’t the smartest choice.
“Especially when it rains,” Long smiled.


(From the Idaho County Fair Premium Book)
 “I’ve always wanted to be fair royalty,” smiled Idaho County Fair First Princess Brittny Behler.
Behler will be a junior at Prairie High School this fall.
First Princess Brittny BehlerThe daughter of Rod and June Behler of Cottonwood has been involved in 4-H through the Indoor-Outdoor 4-H Club for a number of years. At PHS she plays basketball and softball and is a member of Prairie League. She also coaches junior high basketball.
Behler’s grandparents are Clark and Eleanor Hinkelman of Greencreek, this year’s grand marshals, and Fred and Norma Behler of Cottonwood. She has three siblings: Leslie 21, Dustin, 19, and Carly, 13.
“You sometimes think of being a part of fair royalty as ‘what do I get?’” she commented. “And the things you get are great – clothes and some scholarship money – but what you give back to your community is even more important.”
Behler recounts some interesting experiences for the group, including a ripped chair on the float (which happened to her chair and coincidentally, right after she ate a doughnut in Riggins) forgetting a driver’s license and trying to use a credit card that belonged to one of the girls’ parents.
“It’s been a blast and I’ve learned a lot about speaking in front of people and I have had a lot of fun with Briget and Lacey,” Behler said.
Behler belongs to the Renew Youth Group and works in home health and does lawn work. She is sponsored by the Indoor-Outdoor 4-H Club.


“You see, I’m not a girly-girl like they are,” laughed Lacey Seubert. “I actually bought my first purse when we went shopping for clothes. Those things are pretty cool – a good place to put your stuff!”
Seubert of Keuterville will be a senior at Prairie High School in the fall.Second Princess Lacey Seubert
She is the daughter of Shawn and Jill Seubert of Keuterville and the granddaughter of George Seubert of Cottonwood and Delbert and Jeannette Nuxoll of Keuterville. She has three sisters: Jamie 20, Tabitha 15, and Brandee, 11.
“Being part of royalty has been fun and also made the three of us friends,” she said. “We knew each other before but now it’s different.”
Seubert said Briget’s puffy lavender dress is a great asset on the float. 
“There’s lots of room under it and anything we need to hide away we can put under it,” she smiled.
Seubert is a member of the Keuterville Livestock and Cottonwood Saddliers 4-H Clubs. She participates in dance, high school rodeo and Prairie League. She works for her father and is also a CAN.
Seubert is sponsored by the Keuterville Homemakers Club.

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