Boosters elect new officers
The 2004-2005 Prairie Booster Club officers are Treasurer, Marie Lerandeau; Vice President, Wanda Nuxoll; Secretary, Linda Nida; and President, Chris Kaschmitter. The officers wish to extend a Merry Christmas greeting to all the members and welcome nonmembers to join the club, contact any of the Officers; dues are $20 family and $15 for a single individual.The new Prairie Booster Club officers.
Looking ahead to the basketball season, the Prairie Booster Club would like to thank all individuals that donates time, money, support and ideas to the Booster Club. Without many bodies and efforts, this origination would not function for the three schools. New this fall/ winter, are Prairie Pirate lined jackets with a hood for sale at $40, and T-shirts for Tournament at the High School this weekend, or by calling 962-3550. There are many sizes available for ready delivery.
A new event at the Christmas Tournament on the 18th of December, the club will be having a paper airplane “fly-in”. Paper will be sold for $1; you make the airplane and fly the craft from you seat to the middle of the gym floor for a prize, whoever gets the closet to the target.
If you have any ideas, comments, changes, needs that you would like made within the Prairie Booster Club, please attend the meeting on January 19, 2005 at 5:30 p.m. at Harman Agency, or contact any of the officers.

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