Middle School holds food drive
Prairie Middle School students delivered the results of their annual food drive to the St. Mary’s Hospital Food Bank Monday, Dec. 20.
Student body president Tyler Forsmann said this is an annual event where the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth graders bring in food items.
They even held competitions to see which class could bring in the most with the 6th graders outdoing the 5th graders and the 8th graders outdoing the 7th graders.
They delivered a full pickup load of food items.
Tyler Forsmann with the pickup load of food the Middle School students collected.

Mrs. Schumacher's 4th graders from Prairie Elementary have been busy collecting food this month.  They earned food by doing extra jobs around their houses or using their own money to purchase food.  On Wednesday, they will walk the food over to the hospital where Arlene Baerlocher will deliver it to the food bank.  The hospital takes food donations all year long and Mrs. Schumacher's class is looking forward to being "regular" donors to this cause!!!

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