Rodeo team is recognized
Kids today are busy with sports from basketball to dance but there is a sport that is missing from the circle of High School varsity letters, it’s rodeo. Well believe it or not, but for The rodeo team with the quilt they raffled off.about four years now Prairie has had a High School Rodeo Team. 
We work just as hard if not harder for the same goals. We enjoy rodeo, we want to get better, we have opportunities open for us, and we also have scholarships available for us. It is a great sport for high school kids to have opportunities open for those who really aren’t into the preconceived High School sports. Rodeo includes a lot of responsibility, and in our opinion a lot more than your average high school sport, and also a lot more money. So we take the effort to ask for sponsors and other alternatives such as raffle tickets and fundraisers. 
We are very thankful to everyone who has helped us out in anyway. One of the fundraisers that we put on annually is a breakfast that is served by the Prairie High School Rodeo Team. This year the breakfast will be March 20th at the Cottonwood Community Hall from 7 a.m. to Noon. The breakfast is to help the team with awards at the end of the year. You will be able to eat some great food served by some hard workin’ rodeo kids. 
Also, there will be rodeo gear and pictures set up all around the hall for you to see and learn about each event in High School Rodeo. We encourage everyone to come and watch our local kids play their sport “RODEO” this spring in the first and last weekends in April at Lucky Acres Arena in Lewiston and participate in our upcoming activities. 
We raffled off a beautiful quilt this past year made and donated by Judy Uhlorn and we would like to congratulate Pat Cash on her win. 
The Prairie High School Rodeo Team includes Cody Gehring, Lauren Merrill, Eric Mader and Shane Poxleitner seniors, Kaysie Burchell, Amber Geis, and Renee Duman Juniors, Diana Geis and Jack Merrill, and Shandrie Poxleitner sophomores, and Ronald George Freshman. So come and enjoy our rodeos and sponsor your local high school rodeo team.
Written by: Amber Geis and Diana Geis

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