"Water Bingo" to be presented at Greencreek Hall
A musical mystery dinner theatre event written and composed by Bruce Hurlburt and starring the Vigilante Dinner Theatre will be presented at the Greencreek Community Hall in Greencreek, Idaho on Saturday, April 30.  This annual event is brought to you by Grangeville Arts, Inc.The skateboard scene from Water Bingo!
Go Bullfrogs!  As an audience member you are cordially invited to an historic event in honor of Central High School.  Your emcees will be the bottled water empire heiress.  The evening’s special guest is the distinguished Dr. Mephisopheles Bisteidegeiger and his drop of water from one of the moons of Mars.  The greatest and most famous detective in literature will also be making an appearance.  This unveiling should provide enough finger-pointing who-done-it to keep everyone on the edge of their seats.  When you get all the clues in line don’t forget to yell “BINGO!”
This comedy not only revolves around dinner, but also around several games of Bingo during dessert!  Sister Theodotius officiates the game, so mind your P’s and Q’s!  There are also door prizes to win!
“Every part of the show is timely,” shared Laura Smith, President of Grangeville Arts, “In real life right now, Mars is historically close to Earth, water rights are at the center of land use issues, the bottled water industry is booming and bingo remains classic entertainment.”
Tickets are $22.00 and that includes the cost of dinner and dessert.  The doors open at 5:30 for social hour.  Act I starts at 6:30. For more information, call The Gallery at 208-983-2595

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