Various school and award pictures

With their Athlete of the year trophies are Vanessa Sonnen and Kelby Wilson. They were also named the Heisman Scholar-Athletes for Prairie. 

Amanda Jackson was awarded “The Prize” a special award voted on by the entire student body. 

Heather Schierman was awarded the Thomas Nau Memorial Scholarship at the PHS awards assembly. Thomas’ family, Mike, Susan and Robert Nau presented the award.

TSA letter awards were presented by Jerry Richardson to, from left, Taylor Rieman, Carson Heath and Chris Schnider. 

Carson Heath and Taylor Rieman stand next to the new CNC that was purchased with Carl Perkins money this spring for the high school Industrial Technology program. The working surface is 24" X 30" with a 6" z axis. The machine cuts aluminum better than the old CNC. On the working table are some products that have been cut on the machine by the students. 

Gina Seubert won the talent show contest which was held the last day of school at Prairie Middle School. She is the daughter of Joe and Angie Seubert.
Mr. Dave Snodgrass presents Kathleen Stubbers with a plaque for her 17 years of service and dedication to the music program, during her last Middle School concert. She will be missed by both staff and students. Thank you Mrs. Stubbers! 

May’s attendance winners at Prairie Elementary are Seth Chaffee and Justin Ross. They’re shown with principal Rene’ Forsmann. 

The Kindergartners at the Elementary School concert.

The first graders at the Concert.

The 2nd graders

The 3rd graders

The 4th graders.

The Middle School Spring Concert was dedicated to local Idaho National guardsman where local graduate Jesse Ingram, Jeff Uhlenkott (Mrs. Allison Zenner's brother), and Guy Vonbargon, Mrs. Kathleen Stubbers' son who all serve in the 116th Combat in Iraq.The fifth grade and sixth grade chorus dedicated "Gee Mom I Wanna Come Home" to the 116th Combat. A huge "Thank You" to Mrs. Lundmark, her art classes and her daughter, Haleigh, for the beautiful decorations. 

Chess Club started
Something new and exciting happened at Prairie Middle School this school year. Brock Heath and Silas Whitley (winner of the 6th grade chess competition) holding the chess pieces designed and made by Brock Heath. Brock Heath and Maddie Edwards started a chess club which was open to anyone in the sixth grade.  Students who had never played chess before, signed up for individual instruction.  Brock printed off official chess rules from the internet and he and Maddie took turns instructing their peers.  They set up a play-off schedule and supervised the competitions.  Students were told the winner would receive a chess board.  Brock designed and made the chess pieces for the winner.  After several months of first teaching and then playing, Silas Whitley won the final chess round.  Plans are to continue the chess club in seventh grade next school year.

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