Forsmann wins Utah lineman's rodeo
On June 4th local boy Shawn Forsmann, son of Wayne and Dar Forsmann, showed the rest of the west what Idaho is made of as he took first place overall in the apprentice division in Utah’s 14th Annual Lineman’s Rodeo.   By placing first in Utah‘s rodeo his company sends him to an all expense paid trip to compete in Kansas City’s International Rodeo which is held September 17th.Shawn Forsmann during the Hurtman Rescue portion of the competition.
There were four events in the apprentice division, some of which included a speed climb, hurtman rescue, and testing your line skills and work ethics.  Forsmann took first place in the speed climb and general skills events and fifth in the hurtman rescue.   The speed climb requires placing a raw egg in your mouth and climbing to the top of a 45’ pole and back down without breaking the egg.  This event shows the ability of speed and smoothness while climbing the pole.  He did this event in 22.18 seconds.  The general skills event requires numerous tasks.  First, drill a hole through a pole with a brace and bit.  Next, tie four different knots and drive a lag into a pole.  Finally, strap on your climbing tools, climb up a 45’ pole, change out a broken insulator, and come back to the ground.  Shawn and Rhonda Forsmann with the competition poles in the background.This he also finished first in 3 minutes 32 seconds.   The hurtman rescue is an event in which a 185 pound dummy is hanging from the pole simulating a real life situation.  The task requires climbing a 45’ pole to save the dummy by lowering it to the ground using ropes and sheaves.  Forsmann completed this in 1 minute 46 seconds and a fifth place finish.   By having the highest score and fastest time, he was declared the overall winner.  
 Apprentices from Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, California and Arizona participate in this lineman’s rodeo every June.  Utah Power, Sturgeon Electric, IBEW Local 57, and The Myers Group are just a few of the companies that sponsor the rodeo.  Forsmann is a member of the IBEW local union 57 and has been employed by Sturgeon Electric for the last 2 years.  

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