Derek Nuxoll wins state essay contest
Derek Nuxoll of Cottonwood has been named the state winner in the Idaho Farm Bureau Essay Contest.Derek Nuxoll receives his certificate and gift card from Shari Kuther.
For his win he received a $75 Gift Card good at Sears stores and a certificate.
He qualified for state by winning the district contest where Savanah Prigge took second and Rachel Uhlenkott third. All three were fifth grade students at Summit Academy this past school year.
Here is the State winning essay, written by Derek:
Life on the Farm
As a young boy on the farm, I started to like agriculture. Agriculture is the raising of crops and animals, which are sold. Sometimes we make a profit and sometimes we don't. Life on the farm can teach lessons and also be fun.
Have you ever forgotten your chores? Normally the girl's chores are different than the boy's chores. The girls usually do the sewing, the cooking, washing dishes, serving the food, baking and the cleaning. The boys get to do the fun chores, like feeding the cats, dogs, chickens, pigs, sheep, cows, horses, the harvesting, and the haying, except the boys don't get to pick out the treats that the girls bring. It's fun chasing the chickens back into the coop. One time I chased the chickens in with a bow and arrow. When I feed the calves sometimes they suck on my finger. Animals let you know if you forgot the chores.
Have you ever been interested in horses? Some of the breeds of horses are the Quarterhorse, Arabian, Thoroughbred, Lipizzaner, and the Clydesdale. Training horses is very important because if you don't have your horse trained, you are most likely to get bucked off. You wouldn't be able to herd cattle either. The main thing you want is to be able to control your horse. My Quarterhorse even herded buffalo.
Haying is the most exciting time of the year. You get to drive lots of equipment and lift hay bales. Some of the fun equipment to drive are the tractor, the four wheeler, and the baler. The baler is probably the most interesting machine by how it makes flakes, ties the strings, and picks up the hay. There are two shapes of bales, which are square and round bales. There are two sizes, small and large bales. Which one do you think is the easiest to handle? The small square bales are the easiest to handle if you don't have to worry about rattlesnakes.
Harvesting is the end product of agriculture. It isn't very fun getting itchy in the barley, but I've played in the hard red wheat, soft white wheat, and the lentils in the back of the truck. It's exciting driving the combine and watching the stems topple over. Have you ever noticed how tall and how many parts there are to a combine? When you drive it, there aren't very many levers although there are a lot of parts. When it breaks down, you might have to borrow your neighbor's combine unless you have more than one.
Agricultural life is fun whether you're ranching or farming. It teaches a young boy to be responsible and careful. We appreciate the gifts God gives to us, like animals, equipment, and land. We depend on Him for the weather, too. I hope you like agriculture as much as I do.

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