New museum display honors Taylors
Elmer and Eva Taylor have been honored with a new display at the Cottonwood Lions Club’s Farm and Ranch Museum at the fairgrounds.A picture of Elmer and Eva Taylor along with a display description.
Elmer George Taylor (1887-1977) and Eva Viola Murdick Taylor (1892-2005) first moved to their ranch in 1941. They moved in using pack animals. 
Their first motor vehicle was a Ford pickup and the salesman gave them the fundamentals of driving.
The telephone in the museum is one of two Eva used to pass along messages. One phone connected to the Rice Creek telephone system and the other connected to Cottonwood. Often Eva acted as go-between passing messages between the two phones. A switch could be used but often did not work well. The Rice Creek system made calls in the Boles area.
The box of items with the picture and information includes tack and clothing, including chaps worn by Elmer and a leather riding skirt used by Eva.
The picture next to the telephone is of the site where their ranch was located. The ranch house and the buildings were in the bowl are near the top (see arrow). The Salmon River was down below the ranch.
Elmer and Eva, early pioneers, have their place in the history of Idaho County.

Chaps and leather riding skirt used by the Taylors.

The phone Eva used to pass messages plus a picture of the area where their ranch was located. They were in the bottom of the bowl area coming down from the peak.

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