Notes from Pat
The Idaho County fair was a busy place last week, even its harvest in full swing.
We had a little rain Wednesday afternoon and again in the evening during the time of the fashion show.  The rain seemed to help settle some of the particles from the fires out of the air.
The program Wednesday evening and again Friday evening both saw a full house.  The current royalty when giving their farewell speeches went from one hankie for the second princess to four hankies for the queen.
Nice to see Karla and George Enneking as marshals for 2005.
I understand a lease has been signed for the bowling alley for the coming year.  Planned are new pins, improvements to the alleys and the man taking over said he will be working on the machines.
The next item on the calendar is the start of school here on the prairie.  Cottonwood starts Aug. 30 following several teacher service days.  Out for Labor day weekend and then back to business.
Seems like school just finished and now it is back to school time.  My older grandson starts college at Lewis-Clark in Lewiston this year, so that has been something a little different.
Remember with school starting, drive very careful near the schools.  With your help we can have a safe school year.
I understand Prairie has about 41 out for football this year and another 30 or so for volleyball.  This is all going to make many nights out for parents this fall.
All the best, and may your day be a half-full glass day, not a half empty one.

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