Fire department has free extinguishers, smoke alarms available
The Cottonwood City Fire Department recently received a Fire Prevention and Safety grant from the Department of Homeland Security.  This grant funds a program to educate Cottonwood residents about fire prevention and safety.  As part of this program, the department has purchased smoke alarms and home fire extinguishers to provide to people free of charge.  
It is recommended that everyone have at least one smoke alarm in their homes, preferably located in a hallway near the bedrooms.  Most deadly fires occur at night while people are sleeping.  Smoke alarms not only double the chances of surviving a fire, but they reduce the amount of property damage by decreasing the amount of time a fire burns before firefighters put it out.  Every home should have a general purpose fire extinguisher preferably located in, or near, the kitchen since the kitchen is centrally located and many fires occur while cooking.  
Recently, during the Idaho County Fair parade, the fire department held an open house at the fire station and gave out smoke alarms and fire extinguishers.  There are more available for people who need them and the fire department can provide information about installation, maintenance, and use of smoke alarms and fire extinguishers.  They also will assist in installation of smoke alarms, if needed.  There will be future opportunities for people to acquire alarms, extinguishers, home fire safety and prevention information, and to practice using fire extinguishers.  Fire safety and prevention programs will also be provided at the Cottonwood schools this fall.
Anyone who doesn’t have a smoke alarm and fire extinguisher in their home can get them for free by providing their name and phone number to Police Chief Terry Cochran or City Clerk Carol Altman at City Hall (962-3231), or by contacting any member of the fire department.  The fire department especially wishes to ensure our senior citizens have adequate fire protection.  If anyone knows of senior citizens (or anyone else) who may need smoke alarms and fire extinguishers, please provide their names to the fire department.

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