Notes from Pat
Two matters to look at this week.
The first is to invite people to take part in the column carried on page 2 of the newspaper.  We are asking people to write a guest column for this space.  Later we may go back to a regular writer.  Sister Judith will keep the first week.  Columns maybe of a religious nature or an experience which made a difference in your life.
The second matter is a bit of history.
The Wherry family arrived in town 30 years ago on Aug. 25, 1975 with my car and Greg’s car and a very large moving van.  Bob arrived later in his car.
At that time the road around town was under construction and you had rain recently.  The first thing the movers asked, was how much more tornup highway. They had a hard time restarting after stopping, and were going to Boise next.
The house we moved into is where Audrey Uhlenkott now lives.  The house was rented over the telephone and outside of knowing it had 3 bedrooms I had no idea what it looked like or the size.  At the time we also rented the old laundry building which is now part of the Mini-Village.
Moving in was a lot of fun as the moving truck unloaded at the house, moved across the street to unload and then back to the house to finish.
That was Thursday and on Friday opened bank accounts and got Susan and Steve registered at the Middle and High Schools.  Stocked the kitchen and got out the electric blankets as there was no heat in the bedrooms.
On Monday was my first day at the Chronicle when I received galley sheets to be proof read, and so it has been for 30 years, questions on the telephone, thru the door, selling advertising, and subscriptions and sending out statements and paying bills.
May each of you find the purpose in your life.

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