Notes from City Hall
Election Day November 8th!  I know it seems silly to go out to vote in an election where there are no contested seats, but this one is important since 2 of the 3 seats up for election have write-in candidates.  The names have to be written in on the ballot for these people to be elected.  Besides the need to have their names written on the ballot, we need to have these people elected to have a quorum to enable us to conduct City business.
The names to write in on the Ballot are Shelli Schumacher who decided to reclaim her seat on the Council and Bill Hill of Idaho Stove fame who so graciously agreed to file a write-in petition for the seat being vacated by Martin Fowler.  I canít tell you how much the Council and I appreciate these two individualsí stepping forward to serve the community in this capacity.  The importance of continuity on the Council balanced with some new faces is what keeps the Council from stagnating while keeping projects and policies moving forward.
We will continue to work to have the State statute changed that requires us to spend the money and hold an election, even with no contested races.  In the mean time, please get out and vote and remember to write in Shelli and Billís names in the appropriate place on the ballot!
Respectfully, Denis B. Duman, Mayor

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