Prize winners are named
Following is the list of drawing prize winners for the Assumption Parish Dinner held this past Sunday, Nov. 6 at the Parish Hall in Ferdinand.
Father David won 100 bushels of Wheat donated by Mark & Gwen Heitstuman.
Judy Forsmann won a ½ hog cut and wrapped donated by Sonnen Meats.
Katie Remacle won $100 cash donated by Fred Arnzen.
Errol Poxleitner won $100 cash donated by Harman Agency.
Harold Schaeffer won $100 cash donated by Primeland of Cottonwood and Ferdinand.
Allen Frei won a 1 night stay at the Winchester Lake Lodge, Eagle Log Cabin, donated by John Schweiter.
Martha McGough, Pat Frei, Reece Uhlorn and Bertie Forsmann each won a buy first night get second night free from the Winchester Lake Lodge.
Dylan Prigge won a 24x16 upholstered stool donated by Hubert & Clara Frei. Dylan then donated it back and Joe Schaeffer won it.
Mariel Arnzen won an Afghan donated by Don & Therese Funke.
Vicki Goeckner won $50 cash donated anonymously.
Judy Gehring won $50 donated by Fredís Body Shop, Rod & June Behler.
Judy Forsmann won $50 cash donated by Seubert Excavators, Inc.
Norma Behler won $50 cash donated by Maurus & Karen Uhlorn.
Ed Holthaus won $50 cash donated by Vern & Peg Uhlorn.
Gloria Uhling won $50 cash donated by Tom Wimer Trucking. She also won $30 cash donated by St. Maryís Guild.
Maurus Uhlorn won a Cribbage Board designed and made by the PHS Tech Club and donated by Ken & Bertie Forsmann.
Sandy Enneking won $25 cash donated by Don & Joyce Bieker.
Alli Holthaus won $25 cash donated by Ed & Sherry Holthaus.
Bob Riener won a fleece throw that was donated anonymously.
Allen Frei, Nick Stevens, Sylvia Forsmann, Eric Lerandeau, Derek Orr and Gerad Poxleitner each won 2 for 1 Steak Dinners from the Halfway Club.
Finally Brent Uhlorn won a 1 night stay at the Winchester Lake Lodge.

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