Thanksgiving letters from Mrs. Zenner's Kindergarten class
I am thankful for my mom, dad, my dog, my cat, all of my toys and for my brothers Shawn and Daniel. 
Matthew Leonard

I am thankful for all the food we have at our house, for people, my house and my brothers and sisters. 
Anthony Karel

I am thankful for my brothers, my Madagascar movie, my mom and dad and nothing else.
Brandon Latimer
I am thankful for Jesus, my parents, my brother and my sister. 
Sydney Bruner
I am thankful for my family, my pets and my friends. 
Leah Higgins
I am thankful for toys, food, Thanksgiving, mom and dad. 
Sarah Ross
I am thankful for my family, my dolly, that I get to go to school, that I learn stuff, my teacher and that is it going to be Thanksgiving soon. 
Delaney Uhlenkott 
I am thankful for the Veterans, God, animals and Kendra my sister. 
Drew Dinning
I am thankful for my mom and dad. 
Morgan Crea
I am thankful for army toys, my family and for my friends. 
Bradley Poxleitner
I am most thankful for: The Cinderella movie Grandma Audrey let us borrow, snow in December, cheese pizza on my birthday, God, Mary the mother of Jesus up in Heaven and all my reading books. 
Alexis Shears
I am thankful for Jesus, my Uncle Jeff who is back from the war in Iraq, my family, food and shelter and that my mom is my teacher.  That is pretty much all I am thankful for.
Kade Zenner
I am thankful for my stuff, my house, my dad getting me a motorcycle.  I really do have a motorcycle, and my cat.  Iím also glad Mrs. Zenner lets me bring snakes and preying mantisí to school and I think that is about it. 
Jayce Huling
I am thankful for God & Jesus, my mom and dad.  I donít know anything else.  Iím sure there is more stuff but I canít remember today what it is. 
Colton Keith
I am thankful for God & Jesus, all my toys and Power Rangers, cars and my cats. I am thankful for my mom, dad, sister and my brother named Seth. 
Thomas Fronk
I am thankful for my cats, my dogs, recess, my friend Holly, Grandma, games, my sister to play with, my cows, and my horse. 
Courtney Renne
I am thankful for playing with my baby, coloring, painting, playing with babies with my brother, playing games with my mom and Ian, watching movies with my mom and playing with my new friends. 
Jasmine Mathis
I am thankful for my toys, mom and dad, friends, my dogs that we share with my neighbors, wrestling and coaches, good lunches at school and the math is fun, learning about Jesus, listening to mom and dad, my uncles, cats, dogs, and for my dad taking us to Silverwood. 
Hunter Chaffee
I am thankful for my momís cooking Ė even dad cooks.  Kirstin can cook corn.  We have good dinners.  I sleep long, so I like it when dad or mom wakes me up.  I am thankful for mom and dad letting me sleep with them, for all of my cousins.  And I am thankful for my dad shooting a turkey so we can eat. 
Trista Latimer
I am thankful for mom and dad, my 3 dogs, movies, clothes, toys at school.  I like to go to Center for Discovery.  I like to eat spinach. 
Maria Schmidt
I am thankful for my mom who cooks the food, my family and my video games.  I like to play with my cousin, recess, play the bus game at school, our house and the Greencreek church. 
Jacob Stubbers
I am thankful for movies that mom bought, for motorcycles and toys. 
Riley Poxleitner
I am thankful for Dad, friends, brothers, sisters, bikes blankets, and mom. 
Jace Perrin
I am thankful for mom and dad, brothers, sisters, horses, dogs, cats, baby fish, friends, ice, snowmen, grandparents and playing games. 
Caitlin Renne
I am thankful for new tables, my new baby sister, my cat who eats mice, nice neighbors, cars and stuff like that. 
Jared Sonnen
I am thankful Dad rents us movies, my family, games, friends, bow & arrows, the bible and Santa, Grandma Julie, Pappa Dave, Grandma Marlene, Grandpa Wayne, toys Ė all of my toys. 
Brayden Wood
I am thankful for my mom because she hugs us and lets us give her cards.  I like to give mom hearts, and for Grandma coming over and visiting with us.  I am happy to go to school. 
Sierah Poxleitner
I am thankful for my momís cookies, my dog, bedroom, my own horse, puzzles, pretty shirts, the letter that mom taught me and for Mrs. Zenner and her books. 
Treeya Wallace
I am thankful for making presents for people, toys, sisters, learning on the computer at school, and hunting with Daddy. 
Bethany Elam
I am thankful for my dad, mom, my dog Georgia, my horse Rusty, my house, recess, and my friends. 
Dereck Arnzen
I am thankful for names, so we know who is who, muscles, parents, guns for hunting, company, and brains. 
Jared Coppernoll

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