Construction class builds sheds
This years two Construction Classes have kept busy learning about the One of the sheds the classes have made.Construction industry.  The students had to draw plans of the storage sheds, make a list of materials, and calculate the cost of the materials.
 We have built three storage sheds this fall.  The students have gained a great deal of experience in the basics of laying out floor joists, walls, building trusses, installing flooring, siding, and roof sheeting, roofing with delta rib metal and architectural shingles, hanging windows, and making a door. 
 The individuals that we have built the sheds for, have been kind enough to donate power hand tools to our program.  This helps out our Industrial Technology Program as well as helps out members of the community.  This spring we have an order for a gazebo and another storage shed.

In the two pictures above Ed Holthaus talking to students in the Construction Class about being an Electrician, what types of work you do, the benefits of being an electrician and what you need to do in order to become one. It was nice of Ed to donate his time the class. The students will be working on a wiring unit using materials donated by Ed Holthaus, City Electric and Gem Builders. The donations are greatly appreciated. 

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