Wrestling team travels to Pomeroy Christmas Tournament
By Tessica Nuxoll
 On December 30th the Prairie High School Wrestling team made the journey to Pomeroy. 
Each wrestler did very well and worked very hard. Some of the wrestlers even broke their own records. James Jackson is about to pin this opponent on his way to a first place finish.
Traveling to the tournament were James Jackson winning first place medal in his weight class. He defeated both Charles Newton from Colfax, and Austin Zaring from Pullman to win his class in round-robin format.
Anthony Duman lost to Jesse Tennant from Pomeroy, and Dustin Dawson from Colfax. Then came in fifth by defeating Andy Ruchert of Dayton.
Micheal Matson winning a second place medal defeated Dawson from Colfax and then lost to Tennant from Pomeroy.
Jake Wimer lost to Joseph Desjardin from Pomeroy, defeated Justin Waters from Joseph, lost to Dustin Harding from Colfax, and then beat Joel Turtle from Pullman to take fifth place in his weight class. 
Curtis Nuxoll took sixth place. He defeated Cole Senefsky from Orfino and then lost to Josh Cambell of Colfax. He then lost to Jon Bennett, also of Colfax. In the fifth place match Curtis then got pinned by the Senefsky who Curtis pinned the first time. 
Logan Lustig took second in his weight class.Jason Vonbargon took home sixth in his weight class. He lost to Hugh Jones from Colfax, Robert Jordon from Joseph Oregon and Brian Heitsmann from Pomeroy in the 5th place match.
Logan Lustig took home a second place medal. He defeated Brandin Groat from Pullman and lost to Hugh Jones from Colfax in the championship match. 
Ron Chandler lost to Tyler Brooks from Orofino and Kyle Wilson from Orofino. Ron placed sixth in his weight class by losing to Ben Garnett of Joseph in the fifth place match. 
At the end of the tournament Prairie had 57 points. The wrestling team has now taken home 7 medals from only two tournaments. 
Wrestling has been on a roll and the boys next stop is Kamiah on the 6th and 7th of January.  
Jake Wimer is about to pin his opponent. He placed 5th in his class. Curtis Nuxoll pinned this opponent the first time they wrestled but lost to him in the fifth place match.

JV games start at 6 p.m., varsity to follow unless indicated
  6-Troy, here
  7-C.V., here, 4:30 p.m.
14-Genesee, there, 1 p.m.
17-Highland, there
20-Culdesac, there
21-Deary, here, 4 p.m.
26-Kendrick, there
28-Timberline, here
31-Lapwai, there
  7-Nezperce, there
  9-Highland, here
14-Timberline, there
16-25-District at Lewiston

  6 & 7-Kamiah Invitational
13 & 14-Orofino Invitational
20 & 21-Lewiston Invitational
26 & 27-Mile High Classic, McCall
31-Grange./Oro./C.V., there, 6 p.m.
  2-Orofino/Kamiah, home, 6 p.m.
  3-Oro./G’ville, there, 6 p.m.
  9-Kamiah, there, 6 p.m.
14-Orofino/Potlatch, there, 6 p.m.
18-Districts, at Potlatch
23-25-State at Pocatello

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