Juniors Take a Look at Columbine
The Prairie High School junior English classes spent the beginning of the Carolyn Sonnen's poster project.class period for the past month listening to Mrs. Remacle read No Easy Answers: The Truth Behind Death at Columbine by Brooks Brown.  We made it a goal in this class to really take a look at what has happened in our nation, and what literature comes of these events.  This book addresses many of the aspects surrounding the Columbine shooting:  the shooters, victims, police action, media, and bullying in the school.  
After completing the book, the students had a variety of projects to pick from (creating a poster, writing a letter, discussing the most important part of the book, promote the book to other potential readers, and write a poem).  The English teachers of Prairie High School then judged them.  Even though top projects were selected, the quality and creativity of work that the students turned in was exceptional.  The students thought about the purpose of their projects, and did a great job of emulating this in their work.
Top Projects went to:  Shandrie Poxleitner for poetry, Carolyn Sonnen for poster, and Kayla Uhlenkott for essay.  Congratulations!  They received a gift certificate to The Hangout.  Their work is shown below. Enjoy.

One Moment in Time
By Shandrie Poxleitner
One moment in time
The world was still
One moment in time
No words were said
One moment in time 
Things were overlooked
One moment in time
Someone committed a crime
One moment in time
People were killed.

All it takes is a moment 
When some do not see
The terror and hate 
In one moment you can lose
All you know and all you love
And in losing you can realize
How much each moment is worth
Now you think if I could have one moment
That wasn’t overlooked that didn’t pass
I could have saved lives
What I would give for 
One moment in time.

Who Is To Blame
By Kayla Uhlenkott
April 20, 1999, the Columbine High School Shooting took place.  Many people were involved, including students, teachers, the Littleton Community, police, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.   Automatically after the shooting, the media portrayed Eric and Dylan as troubled children who acted out scenes from a video game that they played and music that they listened to.  They did not take a second glance at the life of the killers or their past.  The nation assumed that Dylan and Eric caused the catastrophe with one motive, to kill and it would take years before people realized that the cause lied four years in the past, in 1995.
 Ever since the beginning, high school was hell for Eric and Dylan. So together, with their fellow outcasts, they became known as the Trench Coat Mafia.  Preps and jocks, or anyone who thought that that they stood higher on the totem pole, believe that they could laugh and poke fun of the Trench Coats because they were different.  A human can tolerate only so much verbal abuse before they explode. But in Dylan and Eric’s case, they came up with a way to cope, revenge.  They knew that all of those people would soon pay and then they would be sorry that they ever judged them. So they accepted the abuse without fighting back.
 On the twentieth of April, Eric and Dylan executed their plan and ended up killing 12 students and 1 teacher, wounding 24 others, and ended with killing themselves.  There was no way anyone could prevent those deaths, or was there?  The police, led by Sheriff Stone, stood outside the school while Harris and Klebold took the lives of their fellow students in the Library.  It was not until the shooters killed themselves that the police and swat team entered the building.  No one knows for certain, but chances stand strong, that if the police intervened, then some of those innocent lives could have been saved.    They even received 911 calls years before about threats from Eric Harris, but they did nothing about them.  Instead they attempted to turn the threats around and make it look as if Brooks Brown was at fault.  Then they just sat back, watched the events unfold and then tried to cover their footprints after their plan failed. “To better society and protect the good of mankind” is the law enforcement’s job, but they did not complete that job in Littleton, Co. on that dark Tuesday afternoon.
 Whether the blame rests on the shoulders of Eric and Dylan, the students of Columbine High, or the Police of Jefferson County it still happened.  No one stopped it, but future events such as this can be prevented.  It is sad that an event as massive as this one is what it takes to bring awareness to the nation.  But hopefully they have learned and there will be no more events that cause anymore Eric Harris’s or Dylan Klebold’s.

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