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Mary Uhlorn of Cottonwood and Brent Uhlorn of Coeur d’Alene, a mother and son team has recently started an inspection business that specializes in moisture management and mold control.  The name of their new business is called, Mold Knowledge, L.L.C.  Mold Knowledge, LLC is in association with Mold Technologies.    Brent and Mary Uhlorn
Should you be concerned about toxic molds?  Ask yourself these questions.  Are you a homeowner?  Are you buying or selling a home?  Are you a real estate professional?  Are you a landlord?  Are you a builder/contractor?  Do you or members of your family have respiratory problems?  Do you or members of your family suffer from chronic sinus infections or allergies?  Has the property experienced leaks, floods, or other water damage?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to know the facts about toxic molds!
Mold and mold litigation are such serious issues in this country that many insurance carriers have stopped writing new policies for homeowners, citing the high cost of mold litigation as the primary reason.  In 2000 the insurance industry paid out more than $700 million in mold and moisture claims.  In 2002, they paid out over $3 billion in mold and moisture intrusion claims.  This is just one reason it is essential to have a home surveyed for mold before serious damage occurs.  
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports, “All molds the potential to cause health effects.”  Some of the health effects linked to mold include asthma, chronic allergies, and infections in both children and adults.  About 50 million Americans are affected with asthma or allergy sensitivity, of which many are due to mold exposure.  The September/October 2000 issue of Newsweek Magazine states “The prevailing medical opinion has been that mold accounted for 6 to 7 % of all chronic sinusitis … we found that it was 93%, the exact opposite.”  Serious respiratory problems have been reported in infants exposed to toxic molds.  
Mold Knowledge, LLC is the clear leader in the mold inspection industry because we understand our clients’ needs.  Our affiliate, Mold Technologies has been endorsed by the PIA (Professional Insurance Agents) Western Alliance.  Following the inspection you will receive a report of our findings, which is the best in the business.  We are void of misleading statements.  We present the facts in clear and concise language, complete with full color photographs.  We are the industry leader in innovation; using the only systematic, digital, PDA-based method to locate, identify and report mold.
We use the most respected American Industrial Hygienist Association (AIHA) certified mold laboratory in the country and the leader in mold research and science.  Our company is a member of the International Association of Mold Management (IAMM) and Indoor Environmental Standards Organization (IESO).  
So how can a mold survey protect you?  Mold can grow within 24 hours of water intrusion into a home.  Presenting a comprehensive report of an inspection conducted during the sale or lease of a property, is the quickest and least expensive way to prove the property was mold free at the time of the transaction.
For more information or to schedule an inspection, call Mold Knowledge, L.L.C. at 208-962-7337.  See our website of our affiliate, Mold Technologies, at

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