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Cottonwood Butte Ski Area received 8” of new snow last Thurs. night making conditions for Craigmont Schools ideal for a day of skiing, Friday.  
We had a lot of fun watching the skiers and snowboarders and enjoyed their day with us as we also had with Kamiah Schools the week before.  All of the children were polite and ready for fun.  Both schools had new snow conditions.
Saturday and the weekend before are what we skiers dream of.  The conditions were as good as it gets and everyone skied to their hearts content.  Sunday we experienced spring like soft conditions but still plenty of snow.
This Friday we are planning to have Prairie High School join us for a day of skiing.  This also will be our last weekend for skiing so if you haven’t been up yet you better join us.  We are planning some fun activities.  Saturday will be Hat Day so wear your craziest, funniest, hat and win prizes.  Sunday will be Swim Suit Day and half-day tickets for everyone sporting a suit.  An obstacle course is also in the works and plenty of fun for the whole family.  So plan to join us for the last bit of winter fun.

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