Uptmor chosen to tour Air Force Base
Nancy Uptmor, the Career Development Instructor at Prairie High School, was selected by the United States Air Force to be a participant in the 2006 Distinguished Educator Tour in San Antonio, Texas.  Nancy Uptmor on one of the fighter jets.
Twenty-nine counselors,  instructors, and vice principals from across the entire nation arrived at Randolph Air Force Base on Tuesday, February 21st.  During the next three days their “mission” was to learn about the Air Force, experience basic training through the eyes of the new recruits and graduates, and to become knowledgeable about the educational opportunities available through the Air Force and other military branches.  
Although the educators were addressed by several Colonels and Generals, the one that impressed them the most was Brig. General Mary Kay Hertog, the top commander at Lackland Air Force Base. She sent a powerful message regarding the outstanding opportunities for women in the Air Force.  
In addition to informational briefings, the participants in the tour were given the opportunity to speak to new recruits as they were issued their clothing and received haircuts.  Participants were able to take pictures and interview the trainees after watching them maneuver through field training exercises and the chemical warfare instruction. 
The educators viewed students during classes, and toured the various technical training squadrons including bomb squads, Para rescue, and camp protection systems that use advanced laser and heat sensor technologies.  They were also given the opportunity to question a panel of first-term Airmen and junior officers.  The highlight of the tour was attending the military basic training graduation ceremony.  The tour also gave everyone the opportunity to exchange educational insights especially in the areas of curriculum, state testing, and career development.    

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